Lvl 80 allows you to specialize in a particular combat talent, opening the Master Tree for that talent. You can only specialize on one talent at a time. However, you can also change your specialization and choose a different fighting talent. You need a Speziwechsel-Zertifikat for this.
You can get one from the Dragon God General (KP x2043 z2807), otherwise from the Dragon Market.

First you have to talk to Suldu Wei, this NPC can be found in every city.

For the specialisation you then have to complete the following quests. These quests are taken from the „Spezialisierung Berater“ (x2048 z2801) and handed in again there

Speziwechsel-Zertifikat available from:
Dschungel Händler - KP
Xianglong Budai - Jade Tempel
Lam Pe - Yuewang
Questname Solution
Reifeprüfung I kill 20x Jialuo in Wuyi
Reifeprüfung II find 1x Lotusgift from Lotussetzlinge in Wuyi
Reifeprüfung III

find 4 Elixiere, kill the following Bosses in Panlong:

blau = Kang (x2611 z2117), rot = Lu Tian (läuft hin und her x1845 z2247), grün = Trostloser König (x1738 z510) and gelb = Wulong Dao (x2445 z1544)

Reifeprüfung IV buy 1x Irrlichtsspucke from Krämerladen in Panlong (200g)
Reifeprüfung V collect 50x Schattenseele from Schattenkiller in Panlong
Reifeprüfung IV collect 1x Feenstaub from Sirenen in Wuyi
Reifeprüfung VII kill Höllentigerkönig, Kampfarena in Wuyi
Reifeprüfung VIII find Drachenschuppe from Chiyan Drache in Panlong
Reifeprüfung IX kill 200x Schattenkiller
Reifeprüfung X have Brief vom „PuYu Oberhaupt“ , complete 5 rounds Hilfsorganisation
Diplom Zertifikat pay 200 gold to receive the Diplom Zertifikat
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