Level: from 30

You need: Fatigue 25 and Grp 3er

Time available: 3 h

This instance can be mastered with 3 players, but of course it depends on the equipment and experience of the players.

From the bosses you get green or blue level 30 equipment and also artefacts. All other monsters drop trefasteins and other loot (which you can sell).

Tip: Pay attention to the map and run down the mountains from left to right. Stay on the path (don't cross the bridge at the third mountain, otherwise you will miss mobs) and kill everything in your way.

Important: Make sure you complete the quest with the drums before you log out, otherwise it will reset and you will have to do it again.


Lvl 31

Eine gute Idee

Accept Ji Changging
Complete Trommel
Solution talk to the Trommeln
Info            you get this quest directly in the ini when you go through the "arrow" at the first boss

Besiege die Wilden!

Accept Ji Changging
Complete Ji Changging
Solution kill 15x Sturm Clan Vandale

Die Wilden

Accept Ji Changging
Complete Ji Changging
Solution collect 10x Sturm Clan Helm (from Sturm Clan Krieger)

Der Sturm Clan I

Accept Zong Ji
Complete Zong Ji
Solution kill the Leaders

Besondere Gräser

Accept Tu Houfu
Complete Tu Houfu
Solution collect 5x Glücksrispe

Der göttliche Stein

Accept Di Ze
Complete Di Ze
Solution collect 1x Farbprisma
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