The first artifact you can get with Lvl 30 at Nu Yu.

From Glücksberg on you drop them in the instances.

From Hades on they can also be purple artifacts.

Attack artifacts -body attack artifacts\ -magic attack artifacts

Defense artifacts Def

Support artifacts healer

Trefa Stones

To be able to collect an artifact you need Trefas, which you can find quite unspectacular in the ice cave, demon tower and peach blossom land, but also in the Glücksberg and altar.

Slot bonus

Lvl 60 unlocks the artifact's "Three Slot Bonus". With Lvl 70 you can unlock the "Four Slot Bonus" and the "Five Slot Bonus" with Lvl 80.\ You can unlock the Slot Bonus by inserting the correct tan balls. This is not always easy, as the tan balls fall into the slots at random.


From level 80 on you can fuse your artifact.\ -Element Slot Fusion - changes the element of the artifact and therefore also the elements of the balls.\ - Multiple Slot Fusion - changes the slot bonuses (three, four and five times the bonus)

Open the artifact window, then go to fusion at the bottom. A new window appears with two categories. On the left the element is changed and on the right the multiple slot bonuses. Depending on where you put the other artifact, either the slots or the element will be changed. Both at the same time is not possible, because the element fusion is prioritized (the second inserted arti remains in place).

Merging is a matter of luck, i.e. you cannot influence the result.

Tan Balls

From level 2 on, all tan orbs always have two different ones. The requirements and the effects are identical, but the values are different.

For example the Fire Ball 2: there is one with 102 body attack and one with 138 body attack.

The following tables give an overview of the currently available Tan Balls. With this you can see whether a ball is the "big" or the "small" one and thus get the best out of your art.

The list can also help you decide which orbs to throw away and which to keep during the instance.

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