Warrior Delusion

Level 75-90

Takes place in Wuyi and Panlong.

The running time is 1 hour, a group is not necessary.

On both maps, 10 warriors spawn every 5 minutes and have to be defeated. They leave warrior armour and unspectacular stuff behind. Every now and then a Tanhwa appears, who only drops "Warrior Madness Boxes".

For every warrior you kill, you get a Vita buff, which stacks up to 10.

You can also exchange the collected warrior armour for event tokens at the NPC or for items that are otherwise available in the event token shop.

Kriegerwahn Box

25 event tokens, 10 warrior armour and another surprise

This box has a limited shelf life and the cooldown time exceeds this shelf life. This means that you cannot open a second box directly, but only when the cooldown time has expired.

As this is an event that is advertised for levels 75-90, players with level 75 are also allowed to go to Panlong during the event - as long as they take part in the event.

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