Pets - general info




Leveling a Pet


You can level pets and also riding pets by feeding them. This can be done with pet food, meat or EXP from the player.


With pets, the support increases and a riding pet becomes faster.


How to use pet food and meat should be clear... Call the pet and use the food with a right click. (you can also call a riding pet)


EXP is fed by opening the pet window, clicking on the corresponding pet and calling it. Then click on "Fill". 2% of the character's max EXP is deducted and given to the pet. This procedure costs one silver per EXP. I.e. with an 80 char it will be much more expensive than with a 50 char, but it also gives the pet more EXP.


The pets have the level indicated with level and class, e.g. S1K7. You first have to bring the class to 9 with feeding to increase the level. To increase the level, you then need "Sour Fruit". You get the first Sour Fruit in a quest in Phoenix. But you can also farm the first fruit if you take part in the event "Unfulfilled", collect the portraits and exchange them at the "Pin Sel". All further fruits (there are 7 in total) can be obtained in the "Loong Examination".





Pet Skills


Companions can learn various skills in addition to support (which all pets have).


The pets from the shop and the event pets already have two skills. They can pick up loot and give the player HP and MP potions.


With every skill the pet learns, it consumes potential. In addition, some skills are lvl-bound, i.e. the pet must have reached a certain lvl to learn certain skills.


Some pet skills increase the status values of the player. There is a book for each status value.

Level 1 to 4 are available at every pet dealer.

Level 5 -7 can be exchanged for tokens in Zhulu at Mo Di x 2035 z2521.

Level 8 - 10 can be obtained through the Mentor Reward or in the Dragon Market.



Status value



Lauter Phönix


Tiger Geleit









List of available petskills, some you get by killing world and revenge bosses, others from the NPC or (if available) from the dragon shop.

For some skills there is another level that improves the skill.




Reiten Skill

allows you to ride a mount (you get as a quest)


collect loot (from NPC)


give Hp and MP pills to the Player


collects experience for production skills of the player


allows the player to sell items as with the NPC


Remove Dizziness Enchantment


Remove Paralysis Enchantment


Remove Captivation Enchantment


Energy Fatigue Enchantment


Remove Weakness Enchantment


Remove Disarm Enchantment


Heal player's HP


Heal player's MP




Pet Items


A pet or mount can use various items to improve its own performance or to support the player.


To "create" an item, simply call a pet and then right-click on the corresponding item.


In the pet window you can then see which pet uses which items.


You can get these items in the event token shop or occasionally as quest rewards.





increases the movement speed of riding pets

Goldener Futtersack

pet does not consume any vita when collecting loot

Goldene Glocke

increases the player's status values


itself gets more EXP





Pet Trade


Magic or collectible pets are usually unbound and therefore games can trade them with each other.


There is a special trading window for this purpose.


Click on the other player and then on the small arrow at the top. Select "Pet trade", then open the pet window, select the pet to be traded, let it rest and then click on trade.


You can trade pet for pet or pet for gold. You can also enter an amount of gold in this pet trade window.





Collecting settings


You can control what the pets pick up when collecting Loot.


At the top of the minimap, at the bottom right, is a small button with a dog.


If you click on it, the "Companion Training" window opens. Here, under "Combat", you can set what the pets should and should not pick up.


This can be very helpful if you don't want to use up too much Vita.


In addition, HP and MP pills can be inserted in the slots, which the pet (if it has the care skill) uses independently to supply the character with them.


The settings can be changed at any time and apply to every pet (i.e. they are not pet-specific).



Pet collect




Clan stuff, flowers for FM, trefa stones, zodiac legends, stuff from plants, treasure chests, loot like animal skins, vials, event loot etc.


patterns, mats like ores, leather




HP und MP Pills Seals


Tan Balls, ident rolls, petskill books, sour fruits

Loot from time-limited events (e.g. Easter or Christmas) can fall under different settings,

so you always have to try it out first.

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