Level: 76

You need: Fatigue 0 and Grp 1er

Time available: 2 h

The Warrior's Gulch is a solo instance that you can enter in exchange for 2 battle orders (which you get from the daily quest "Hoaying Stones").

The NPC Jiang Fan in the Jade Temple (Wuyi) teleports you directly to the Warrior Gulch. When you enter the instance you get a quest: kill the boss. The NPC at the entrance gives you the reward: a warrior armour. In addition, this Npc ported you out again.

As this is a solo instance, you will be kicked out of the ini when you enter or leave a grp. This instance also has a resparwn time of 10 minutes. This means you have to wait 10 minutes before you can enter it again and all mobs have respawned. Otherwise, the combat orders have been given in vain. If the teleport into the instance does not work, give up the quest in the quest list and try again. The 3 combat commands will be gone, but there is no other way. - If this does not work either, re-log.
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