Guild - general information



A guild is a group of players who join together, for example, to accomplish difficult tasks such as intances.


A guild has many advantages.


On the one hand, you can learn special guild skills.

These are passive and permanent, even if you leave the guild again.


There are also guild tasks that bring in a good amount of EXP and have some interesting items as rewards.

Like tokens that you can use to buy petskills, among other things.


It is often the case that different prices apply in guilds when trading, or that it is more common to exchange items or even receive them as gifts.


There is also an event in which you can farm loot for upgrading. It is called "Sign of Unity".




Create and delete


To create a guild you need at least lvl 20, a guild name and 1 gold (but you must have 10 gold in your inventory). Only the leader can delete the guild. All members must have left the guild before.  Costs: none.  For now it should be well considered, especially if you use the guild as a camp.




Inviting and leaving


New players can be invited into the guild: Leaders, Vice Leaders, Leaders and Generals. Or players can send an application via the NPC "Guild Register". However, only the leader can accept these applications.


To leave, open the guild window, click your name and go to "Leave" at the bottom, or get kicked by the Leader or Vice.




Guild Register


Is a guild list with level and number of members. Players can send their applications to the guild here. As well as read the goals/motto of each guild.



Guild Administrator


All members can accept and complete quests from the Guild Manager (speak to the Leader or Vice if you want a specific task) to help develop the guild and gain relevant experience and rewards.



Guild Level


Determines the number of players who can join and the number of members in the task groups such as Qinglong member, Baihu member etc..


Also the amount of guild buffs. Guild skills are increased by upgrading the academy. The guild's goods limit is increased by expanding the treasure, and the material limit by expanding the warehouse.





To expand a guild, you need enough goods, material and stability. The maximum guild level is currently lvl 5. If this is reached, you can accept up to 150 members. Each new guild level brings about better and different guild functions.


The items needed for the expansion are determined randomly. In contrast to treasure, academy and material, different mats are also needed for guild level expansion. In total, pretty much all ceramics and jars that can be dropped are needed.




Glasierte Krüge


Terrakotta Krug

Grüner Krug

Gebrochene Keramik

Weißer Krug            

Grün Keramik

Weiße Jade Container  

Grüne Jade Container  

Jade Stein Container


The Goldene Brett, Platin Platte, Gute Weiße Jade, Gutes Dunkles Erz ect. are also needed. You can get these materials in various ways. In various instances, at Mo Di (see under Shops/Händler), in the guild event or in the Dragonshop.


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