Is good for magic damage because the energy is concentrated on powerful attacks. The Yang talents deal damage at medium range. Unlike the Yin talents, Yang users rely purely on their inner strength to defeat their enemies. Their abilities help ignore enemy armour and make them almost invincible because damage to themselves is reduced. They have powerful AOEs.

Skill suggestion

The most important Yangskills are: Spooky Strikes (22) - lowers the armour of the enemy and Invisible Will (15) - you can't be attacked during the skill's duration, but you can make attacks yourself.

Further recommended skills are: Energetic Skies (1), Perfect Strike (6) and Ziwu Matrix (25). The AOEs are Dragon Pulse (17) and Emotional Explosion (8), as well as Phoenix Pulse (19) - runs independently for 60 seconds.

The Qi Shield (9) is only suitable if you have a lot of pugs with body attack to fight or are facing a body player in PvP.

It gives a permanent buff to the player. Tiger Breath (3).

With all the skills mentioned, the corresponding passive skills are just as important!

Skill explanations

No Name Description
A Basis Yang Basic Yang improves the status values of Qi and Magic. Required for other Yang talents.
1 Energischer Himmel Deals internal damage and causes loss of 2 HP per second for 4 seconds.
2 Himmlischer Wind Increases the damage of Energetic Sky by 13.
3 Tiger Atem Increases magic damage by 207 points, but reduces maximum MP by 165.
4 Seelenhaut Forms an outer skin with Tiger Breath and increases your armour by 88 points, but reduces max MP by 206 points.
5 Langer Hebel Stuns an enemy for 2 seconds and causes internal injuries. If the enemy suffers from Energetic Sky, 160 additional points of damage are dealt to them. Ends the status of Energetic Sky.
B Assistent Yang Assistant Yang improves the status values of Qi and Magic. Required for other Yang talents.
6 Perfekter Schlag Inflicts Magic damage and Irritation on the opponent, reducing their Magic damage by 12. Can be used up to 3x at the same time. Puts you into Perfect Void status.
7 Gefühl der Leere Strengthens the effect of Perfect Strike and reduces Magic damage by 21 points.
8 Gefühlsexplosion During the Perfect Void status, an enemy group is attacked and magic damage is dealt. After use, the Perfect Void status disappears.
9 Qi Schild Increases the resistances Bleed, Impact, Shot and Normal by 290. Consumes 38 MP per hit from the enemy.
10 Göttlicher Stern Reduces the MP consumption of Qi Shield by 13 points.
11 Lotus Schlag Attacks nearby enemies, deals magic damage, causes inertia and reduces their speed by 20%. Puts you in the Heaven's Cry status.
12 Lotus Seele Increases Lotus Strike's damage by 32 points and blocks the enemy's skill use for 0.5 seconds.
13 Himmelsschrei Attacks nearby enemies and deals massive magic damage. After use, the Sky Scream status is ended.
14 Yang Atem Restores 22 MP every second for 4 seconds using a special breathing technique. Activates after killing an enemy. Cooldown 20 seconds.
C Profi Yang Profi Yang improves the status values of Qi and Magic. Required for other Yang talents.
15 Unsichtbarer Wille The body is protected by vital energy and cannot be injured for 10 seconds.
16 Vitale Energie The duration of Invisible Will is extended by 1 second.
17 Drachenpuls Deals magic damage to all enemies in front of you and paralyses all enemies within 4 metres for 3 seconds.
18 Drachenflamme Increases the damage of Dragon's Pulse and reduces the cooldown time by 5 seconds.
19 Phoenix Puls Consumes 57 MP per second and deals 50 points of damage to nearby enemies. Movement and combat actions end the Phoenix Pulse status.
20 Phoenix Herz Boosts Phoenix Pulse damage by 15 points per second.
21 Phoenix Jammer Requires Phoenix Pulse status. Phoenix wail reduces the hit chance of nearby enemies by 25% for 15 seconds.
22 Spukhafte Schläge For 12 seconds, 50% of the enemy's armour is ignored.
23 Seele der Leere Increases the duration of Spooky Strikes by 2 seconds.
24 Seelenhammer Requires the Spooky Strikes status. Reduces the opponent's block rate against magic damage by 400 points.
25 Ziwu Matrix Deals enormous magic damage to an opponent. Puts you into a weakened status, reducing your body and magic damage and protection by 50% for 15 seconds.
D Tempelmagier Temple Mage improves Qi and Magic status values. Requires Yang specialisation. Required for further Yang talents. (Lvl 80)
26 Drachen Fall All damage is increased by 40% for 3 seconds and you enter Dragonslayer 1 status for 10 seconds.
27 Reue des Drachen Requires Dragonslayer 1. Increases damage by 40% for 3 seconds and you enter Dragonslayer 2 status for 10 seconds.
28 Drachenflug Requires Dragonslayer 2. Increases damage by 40% for 3 seconds and you enter Dragonslayer 3 status for 10 seconds.
29 Schwanz des Drachen Requires Dragonslayer 3. Increases damage by 40% for 3 seconds and you enter Dragonslayer 4 status for 10 seconds.
30 Sieben Verletzungen Provides Taunt. The enemy loses 40 HP per second for 4 seconds and all their skills are reduced by 3%.
31 Fünf Zerstörungen Increases the effect of Seven Injuries and increases damage by 1%.
32 Taiyuan Stärke Reduces spell time by 50% for 6 seconds.
33 Chaotenhimmel Enhanced Taiyuan Strength. Extends the casting time by 2 seconds.
34 Verändertes Universum Use after the opponent has been hit. Provides a 20% chance that your cast time is reduced by 5% for 6 seconds.
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