You can only learn dragon skills if you have special dragon tokens.

There are three different types: thunder, wind and air dragon tokens.

With them you can learn special passive skills in KP from the appropriate NPC, they are all three together at x2140 z2686.

You need a dragon token and some gold for each learning process. Each skill has 40 levels, the higher the skill lvl the more often you have to learn it.

Thunder Dragon Tokens

also known as Heavenriser, you get as a mentor after completing the daily MQ.

NPC: Fei Jie

Concentration - passively increases magic protection

Protective layer - passively increases body protection

Dragon Roar - passively increases extra damage

Wind Dragon Tokens

can be obtained by exchanging your relic points from the GK at the relic hunter (KP x2174 z2652) or at the relic shrine (if your guild owns a relic).

NPC: Tian Jie

Dexterity - increases passive Dodge Melee

Flexibility - increases passive Dodge Ranged

Cunning - passively increases Critical Hit

Torment - passively increases Critical Damage

Air Dragon Tokens

you get as loot at the event "Talk Course Revenge

NPC: Du Jie

Indestructible - passively increases stature

Meridians - passively increases Qi

Powerhouse - passively increases strength

Spirit - passively increases magic

Accuracy - passively increases Precision

Agility - increased passive Dexterity
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