Tactics is a talent that everyone can learn, regardless of what class you play.

Here you can find useful skills like
-Healing skills,
-movement skills
-Cooldown reducing skills,
-paralysis and other debuff-reducing skills,
-walking over water,
-riding pet faster, saddling up quicker.

But you should make sure that you have enough points left for the other talents.

Skill suggestion

The most important tactic skills are: For the beginning you should use 'Rest and Recover' (4), later rebirth (24) is more useful. Hold your breath (21) is probably the most important tactic skill of all, it causes the cool down time of the used skills to end immediately (body shield of the pet not included).

Further recommended skills are: Spirit and energy (20) - ignores the spell time of the skills. If you have problems with MP you can skill Mp Flood (22).

If you don't want to be constantly munted by the mobs, you can skill Riding Manoeuvre (17), which gives you a considerable advantage when you have to get through a pack of mobs.

With all the skills mentioned, the corresponding passive skills are just as important!

Skill explanation

No Name Description
A Basis Taktik An introduction to tactical skills helps to improve stamina and learn more tactical skills.
1 Flieg mit dem Wind Increases movement speed by 40%, consumes 66 stamina points every 10 seconds. Buff is cancelled as soon as an attack takes place or other skills are used. Cannot be combined with other speed bonuses.
2 Schwalben fliegen in den Süden Reduces the stamina consumption of Fly with the Wind by 10 points
3 Beruhigung Restores 15 stamina points per second. Interrupted when moving or using another skill.
4 Ausruhen und Erholen Slowly restores 17 HP and 16 MP, continuously consumes stamina. Interrupted when attacking or using another skill.
5 Ausruhen Strengthens the effect of Rest and Recover. Increases recovery of HP by 17 and MP by 16, but consumes more stamina.
6 Zweites Standbein Removes a slowing effect.
B Fortgeschrittene Taktik Knowing tactics helps improve stamina and learn even better tactical skills.
7 Rasanter Gang Increases race speed by 50% for 6 seconds. Consumes 19 stamina continuously and cannot be combined with other speed skills.
8 Vom Wind getragen Increases the running time of Fast Gait by 3 seconds and reduces the required stamina by 5 points.
9 Karpfen Gene Increases the swimming speed by 50% and the speed above water of Run on Water.
10 Auf Wasser laufen You can walk on water. Consumes 24 stamina per second.
11 Wassertropfen Reduces the required stamina of Run on Water by 5 points.
12 Sprung in die Wolken Increases jump height by 50% for 6 seconds, but consumes 24 stamina per second.
13 Leiter in den Himmel Extends the duration of Jump into the Clouds by 3 seconds and reduces the stamina consumption by 5 points.
14 Kleine Schritte Escape the empty, colourless world. You escape the fighters and monsters will no longer pay attention to you. Cannot be used twice. Consumes 195 stamina.
15 Akupunktur Removes an immobilising status.
16 Schnelles Aufsatteln Reduces the preparation time for riding a mount by 0.5 seconds.
17 Reitmanöver Reduces the chance of being hit while riding by 3%.
18 Rennreiter Increases riding speed by 8%.
C Erweiterte Taktik Professional use of tactics helps to use the maximum possible stamina and learn excellent tactical skills.
19 Umtausch Swap positions with your opponent Consumption 195 Stamina.
20 Geist und Energie For 5 seconds the casting time of all skills is ignored.
21 Luft anhalten Charging time of all skills ends immediately. Consume 195 stamina.
22 MP Flut Requires 195 stamina and restores 60% of your MP within 10 seconds. Movement and activating other skills will cancel the recovery.
23 Flutwelle Reduces MP flood recharge time by 1 minute and reduces stamina consumption by 50.
24 Wiedergeburt Requires 195 Stamina and restores 60% of your HP within 10 seconds. Movement and activating other skills will cancel the recovery.
25 Geburtshelfer Reduces Rebirth recharge time by 1 minute and reduces Stamina consumption by 50.
26 Dolch Removes a disarming effect. Consumes 195 stamina.
27 Erfrischter Verstand Removes the sleep effect. Consumes 195 stamina.
28 Hypnotisierend Removes a skill blocking effect. Consumes 195 Stamina.
29 Klarer Verstand Removes a paralysing effect. Consumes 195 Stamina.
D Kriegsgott The unique tactical skills can help the player increase their maximum HP and learn other unique tactical skills. (lvl 80)
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