Mentorquest (MQ)

The mentor quest can be done by every player from lvl 5 on, already with lvl 1 you can look for or accept a mentor.

You can do the MQ once a day until you reach Lvl 50.
Basically it is a quest series of 5 quests. You always go the same way, from one teacher to another.
Starting in DC (x2275 z2119) and then going through the portal to Zhulu until you reach the Imperial Palace.

Every char, can be registered as a mentor from Lvl 50, at the NPC "Intermediary" (DC x2292 z2109).
This costs a fee of 1 gold.

The apprentices get a lot of exp, pet food, pet souls and clan stuff.
At the end of the MQ, the apprentice receives Mentorbücher and the mentor can get Meridian-, Beihaikristalle (needed for meridian skills), Juwelen Fragmente, Qi Pille and Donnerdrachenmarken.
Which of these rewards and how many of them the mentor receives is random, i.e. one time you might get something from everyone and the next time you get only one or two of the items.

Mentor Books

The mentor books can be used by the apprentices for "free Lvl Up" if enough learning points are available. If some are missing, the mentor can help out and send some. Every mentor is only too happy to do so, because in return he or she receives ethics points.

Tip: since the EXP bar is set to 100% when using the books, you should only do this if the bar is below 50%.
The apprentice only has to open the training window (FL, below on "show mentor" and then on "use points"). In the window that now appears, you can see how many learning points and mentor books you have and how much you need. Attention: here you read from right to left, i.e. on the left you see how much you need and on the right how much you have!

This table shows how many mentor books and learning points you need for a "free Lvl Up

Rewards from the scholar

When the apprentices are 50, the apprentice and mentor can collect rewards from the NPC "Scholar" (DC x2294 z2117).
The Apprentice chooses the Apprentice Reward and gets 1 Million Exp, the Mentor chooses the Mentor Reward and gets 200,000 Exp.

The scholar also has two more rewards up his sleeve for the mentor.
One is "the reward" (here 350 learning points are given; don't worry it's not the learning points you can give to your apprentices, they are counted and deducted separately) and the other is the "ethic points reward" (3000 etikpoints).
- From the (learning points) reward you always get 5 craft books and jewel paper, journeyman patterns, pet books etc.
- From the ethics point reward you always get a study ball and jewel paper, journeyman patterns etc.
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