Beginners costume

When you create your character, you can choose one of three costumes. This is permanent, but has no bonuses..


With the first quests, in Dragon Castle, you get a level box, which is among other useful items, one of three special costumes.

This box can be opened 5 times as the level progresses, and you can only get one costume item at a time.

Since this costume only lasts 7 days, it is recommended to open this box with Lvl 23.

open Levelbox:

Lvl - Contents
5 - Hose
8 - Schuhe und Baxia Feenstaub
13 - Robe
18 - Armreif und Waffenbons
23 - Hut und 10 Vitapillen

Costume Bonus from Levelbox

Each part brings +100 HP and MP (so a total of +500 HP and MP). If you have equipped all 5 parts, you get a set bonus, which is different for the three costumes.

Costume Set Bonus
Praolin: +200 HP/MP and +20 luck  
Baltis: +200 HP/MP and +2% drop chance   
Feature: +100HP/MP

Vita Costume

The Vita Costume can be made with the Production Skill Tailoring.

The set bonus for this costume is at level 1: Vita Regeneration +2. This costume can be improved by the weaver, for this you need Golden Thread, and the costume is then bound.

You only get the set bonus if all parts have the same level, the same goes for the glow effect.

Materials for the presentation:

* You can get the patterns and green jade pieces from the NPC Modedesigner - costs about 80 gold.

Shop Costume

You can buy these costumes in the Dragonshop. Each item brings +150 HP and MP. In addition to that you get a set bonus, +80 weapon and magic combat.

Each piece costs 49 Ingots and has a duration of 30 days. In the shop there is also a preview window, so that you can see the individual parts and color them as you like. But when you buy a piece, the colour for each piece is random, so you have to re-colour it if you don't like the colour scheme. There are also titles, which you get if you colored costume parts several times.

The colours can also be found in the Dragonshop.




6 Jade Star Muster *


 6 Huyang Muster *

20 Edle Wolle


20 Edles Tuch

16 Wolle


16 Tuch

20 Grüne Jadestücke *


20 Grüne Jadestücke *

16 Silbererz


16 Silbererz

8 Eisenerz


8 Eisenerz

8 Jade


8 Jade

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