The skill Magnificencecan be acquired from Sister Yu at Dragon Castle x2164 z2293 or Imperial Palace x 2092 z 2724. Sister Yu requires wedding knots as payment.
You will receive these in most cases after defeating the final boss in an instance.

To use this ability, you always need a Grp!

Marriage Knot
1 - 50
2 - 75
3 - 100

With the skill Magnificence you can remove fatigue from your spouse once a day. The higher the level of Magnificence, the more fatigue is removed.

Level 1 -> 25
level 2 -> 30
Level 3 -> 35

Magnificence can also be used to increase magic and body defence. Again, the level of the skill makes a difference. But also the number of grp members and how many of the grp members are in the same guild. This buff lasts for 30 minutes and remains even if the character dies.

When you use Magnificence, you transform into Sister Yu, Brother Jin, a flower or a snowman for one minute. In this transformation, you can only box and cannot use any of your usual skills. Jumping and using a mount are also not possible. If you are in this transformation and go into an instance (or are summoned) or go swimming, this immediately cancels this transformation.

Each use consumes a wedding node . That is, the skill Magnificence itself and each of the three remaining usable skills.
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