Sabre = Two-handed

Two-handed fighters have a high body attack and are known for devastating attacks.

Two-handed fighters can freeze their enemies with their heavy weapons. An opponent who cannot fight is an easy target. They have the power to weaken the armour of their enemies. They cause high damage to the opponent and have strong

-good demolition and stunning skills

-little range
-long cooldown

Skill suggestion

The most important two-handed skills are: Moon Slash (5)and Moon Eclipse (6). As well as the AOEs: 8-diagram (11) and Berserk(13).

Further recommended are: Thunder Slash (17), Dragon Bite (1) and Sabre Rush (7) - jumps at the opponent and stuns them briefly.

There are two permanent buffs for the player. Panda Strike (3) and Combat Knowledge (9). However, you can only use one at a time, i.e. you have to choose one, either increased weapon damage or body attack.

With all the skills mentioned, the corresponding passive skills are just as important!

Skill explanation

No Name Description
A Basis Zweihand Basic two-handed improves status values of strength and stature. Required for other two-handed talents.
1 Drachenbiss Inflicts the bite of a dragon on the enemy, reducing their protective armour by 13 points for 12 seconds. Can be used up to 3x at the same time
2 Drachenzahn Boosts Dragon's Bite, increasing its effect against protective armour by 13 points.
3 Panda Schlag Reduces maximum MP by 46 and increases hit chance by 34 points. Cannot be combined with combat knowledge.
4 Panda Seele Increases body attack by 25 additional points on Panda Strike.
5 Mondhieb A heavy blow stuns the enemy for 6 seconds.
6 Mondfinsternis After being stunned with Moon Slash, the enemy is dealt additional damage and the chance of a critical hit increases by 17%.
B Assistent Zweihand Assistant Two-Handed improves status values of Strength and Stature. Required for other two-handed talents.
7 Säbel Rausch Madly swinging the sabre around confuses the opponent and makes them tremble for 3 seconds.
8 Blutiger Säbel Inflicts a state of shock on the opponent when using Sabre Frenzy, stunning them for 2 seconds.
9 Kampfwissen Increases weapon damage by 17 while reducing max MP by 271. Cannot be combined with Panda Strike.
10 Kampflust Increases the effect of Combat Knowledge. Weapon damage is increased by 8 and max MP is reduced by 271.
11 8- Diagramm Attacks all enemies in front of you. Deals damage of 225. Inflicts Torch status on you.
12 8- Bewusstsein Increases 8-Diagram's attack radius by 5 metres and reduces the cooldown time by 10 seconds.
13 Berserker Attacks all nearby enemies. Deals a damage of 269. Can only be used with 8-Diagram.
14 Drachenschritt Increases dodge rate for close attacks by 15% and dodge rate for ranged attacks by 50% for 15 seconds.
C Profi Zweihand Profi Two-Handed improves status values of Strength and Stature. Required for other two-handed talents.
15 Gottesanbeterin Increases attack damage by 17%. If the attack misses its target, the hit chance increases by 10% for 20 seconds.
16 Barsch Verletzung If the target is stunned by Sabre Rush, Strong Blade or Headbutt, 550 additional damage is inflicted.
17 Donnerhieb Causes damage and dizziness, reducing dodge and block rate in melee by 8%. Can be used up to 3x at a time.
18 Himmlischer Sturm Strengthens the effect of Thunder Strike and reduces dodge rate by an additional 20% and block rate by 12%.
19 Schock Seele The dizziness subsides but the enemy shows fear for 12 seconds, reducing the hit rate by 30%.
20 Hurrikan The wind causes the enemy to lose 42 stamina per second and you yourself gain 39 stamina per second. Runs for 15 seconds.
21 Nordwind Seele Increases Hurricane's skill strength by 7 and critical hit chance by 10%.
22 Immunität Increases your Body and Magic Protection by 348, but reduces movement speed by 50% and uses 5 Stamina per second.
23 Starke Klinge Deals 81 damage to a single enemy during immunity and paralyses them for 2.5 seconds. Ends the Immunity status.
24 Kopfnuss During immunity, causes a fierce rush from 12 metres and paralyses the enemy. After use, immunity disappears.
D Kampfmeister Combat Master improves status values of Strength and Stature. Required for other two-handed talents. (lvl 80)
25 Schattensäbel When used, the opponent is paralysed for 0.5 seconds and you reach Shadow Tactics. This lasts for 10 seconds.
26 Dunkler Säbel Requires Shadow Tactics. While Shadow Tactic is in effect, the opponent is stunned for 0.5 seconds and you reach Twilight Tactic. This lasts 10 seconds.
27 Finsterer Säbel Requires Twilight Tactics. While Dark Shadow Tactic is casting, the enemy is stunned for 0.5 seconds and you reach Sinister Shadow Tactic. This lasts for 10 seconds.
28 Aufhebender Säbel While Sinister Tactics is casting, the opponent is stunned for 0.5 seconds.
29 Acht Öffnung Breaks through the enemy's defence and inflicts Weakness points on the enemy, which reduces their armour by 240 for 15 seconds.
30 Acht Schlüssel Reinforces Acht Öffnung and increases Weakness points by 60.
31 Kampfzone You become enraged for 20 seconds, allowing you to trigger the Enrage skill with each attack.
32 Kampfrausch Boosts Battle Fury, increasing the chance of triggering the Enrage skill by 5%.
33 Säbelseele Permanent extension of stoning by 0.3 seconds with the Angered skill.
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