Sign of Unity= Gildenevent

When the event starts, the NPC "Herald" appears in the cities from KP (at the place where Raksasa from the Death Wave event appears).

You need a group of 4 that only consists of guild members - i.e. if a group member is not in the same guild, you won't get in.

At the Herald you can accept the quest for Signs of Unity and be ported to the event map. The event runs for an hour. In this hour you can do this event several rounds, one round runs for 30 minutes.

In this event you have to kill as many waves of monsters as possible in order to collect the signs of the unit. The quest from the herald will automatically cancel when you have collected all the signs and you have to accept the quest again - there is a herald directly on the event map for this.

As a reward you get gold, EXP and an event token.

Apart from gold, the monsters drop everything you need to expand your guild.

In addition, all guild members (who are online) get a little EXP when a certain total amount of characters has been collected (500, 1000, etc.), no matter where they are. And the guild itself, gets material and goods when these rounds are reached.

Drop and EXP spells can be used here.

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