Law of the Jungle

This is a PvP event, but there are also mobs to kill.

- From Lvl 40
- Grp not necessary

Points and EXP

During the whole active time in the jungle you get "time points", these add up with the "kill points", from killing other players but also from killing the mobs.
From the first 60 mobs you get EXP, all further ones only count as points.
However, you can only attack mobs up to lvl 79 points.
From lvl 80 all mobs (except the Hell Wolf - see below) are unattackable and you can only score points by killing other players.

Place and time

You can see in the event list (magnifying glass) when the event starts and there will also be a message every 10 minutes 30 minutes before the event starts.

As soon as the event starts, you have to talk to the assistant in the imperial palace (x2035 z2717).
He will teleport anyone who wants to participate to the event map.
The event lasts a total of 30 minutes. The time is displayed at the top right of the screen.
If you leave the event map, you can get back in by talking to the assistant again.

As soon as you are on the event map, the ranking is displayed at the bottom right of the screen; you can open and close it by clicking on the "Rank" button.
If you want to leave the event early, the "End" button takes you back to the city, but the flag also works as usual.

At the end of the event, you are automatically teleported to the imperial palace.
You will get a part of the reward directly into your inventory, so make sure you have enough space!


The mobs mainly drop silver coins, which add up to quite a lot over the 30 minutes.
The mobs also drop special loot, which you can only use on this event map, and after an hour it simply disappears from your inventory.

Wolf Leather - Increases your defence for 15 seconds.
Fox Blessing - You cannot be attacked by any enemy for 15 seconds.
Nimble Pearl - Increases your movement speed to 200% for 30 seconds.
Tiger Mercy - Increases your Strength for 30 seconds.

Höllen Wolf

... is level 80 and very strong and can withstand a lot with its 5 million HP. He is the only monster that level 80+ players can attack. He drops the crystal box and other nice things like potential seeds, noble upgrade stone and so on.

Crystal Box

50 Eventmarken, 6 Behai Kristalle, 2 Juwelen Fragmente, 5 Tianbao Suppen und 6 Luftdrachenmarken.


Durability of 2 hours and cooldown time of 4 hours. This means that you can only open one crate after/at the event, as the opening of a second crate is prevented by the cool-down time.


Depending on your ranking, you can get one or more of the following rewards:

Title for 24 hours (1st place only).
Experience points
Order of Merit
Hero certificates
Friend Tokens

The Order of Merit and the Friend Tokens are placed directly in your inventory.
The title and the hero certificates must be collected from the hero board in the imperial palace (x2048 z2722).
Talk to the board to get the rewards.

You can only activate the title up to one hour after collecting it, after that it will also be deleted from your inventory.
It is therefore advisable to activate the title directly.
The rewards must be collected directly after the event, otherwise they are lost!

Order of Merit

The Order of Merit can be exchanged for equipment and weapons at Wulie the Bold in the Imperial Palace (x2062 z 2716).

Hero Certificates

Hero certificates can be exchanged for items at the Jungle Trader in the Imperial Palace (x2054 z2720).

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