Character window

The character window has many functions and five categories. And you can access the Meridian Skills via the "Meridian" button.



Here you can equip your artefact with orbs, level it with trefasteins and fuse it.


Here you can see all the titles, whereby the names of those you have not yet acquired are marked with question marks. You can hide them by clicking on the small dot at the bottom.


Here you can see your ranks at a glance. At the top you can see your guild rank (guild war) and fame (for the leaderboard). In the middle you will find all the information you need for Arena (title, fighting skills, etc.). The lower part is reserved for the clans.


Here you can enter information about yourself. Unfortunately, the "passport photo" does not work. At the bottom you can choose whether it should be public or not.


This is the most extensive category of the character window. Here you will find all the information that is important in the game and especially in combat.

For almost everything, a small window appears when you move the mouse over it.

Here is a quick overview:


Waffen- und Magiekampf

The basic damage of the active weapon increases. The higher the weapon/magic combat, the more damage you do with the weapon.


Shows the defence of the armour.


Affects the damage you receive..


When you are killed, you usually get injuries. These injuries can be healed by the "general physician" or by bandages. The more injuries you have, the less damage you do


The group leader should always be the Grp member with the highest leadership, because this gives more EXP for the Grp members nearby..


The higher your Luck score, the higher your chance of success when engraving and decorating. And you get more points on an attribute of equipment when identifying.


Shows how much vitality you have. It is used up when using the production skills and regenerates itself over time as long as you are online.

There are several ways to influence the amount of vita and its regeneration.

Fit Kapsel
restores 100 vitality, has 30 min cooldown
- Orderquest - Besondere Medizin

Longevity Reisklöße
restores 5 vitality for 1 min every 3 sec, but reduces the Bew speed by 20%
- Sternekoch

Vita Pille
restores 100 vitality, has no cooldown
- Drachensegen or Dragonshop

Vita Kostüm
Set Bonus (6 pieces): Vita Regeneration +2
- Productionsskill Schneidern

Vita Gegenstände
Equipment items can increase max. vita or regeneration
- droppen some Mobs

Beständigkeit Skill
+155 max. vita, at level 30
- Gildenskill


At the beginning everyone's resistances are at zero.

Which resistance protects against which attacks?

Bluten gegen Sword
Aufprall gegen Bow
Schuss gegen Polearm
Gift gegen Healing
Geist gegen Zither
Magie gegen Yin and Yang
Körper gegen Sabre

You can increase the resistances with seals on your equipment. The higher the resistance, the less damage you get. I.e. the higher the impact resistance, the less damage a mob with impact damage or another player with a bow can do to you.


Inventory and Storage


At the bottom of the inventory is the button "reorder", if you always use it, you will quickly get used to the system-generated order and you will find your items faster. In addition, you always know how much space you have left. The same applies to the storage area.


On the right side of the Invi window is a long button with Chinese characters. This button opens the wardrobe where you can store several costume sets. The status values of the costume sets are added. But unfortunately it is not possible to put in time-limited costumes.


You open the treasure chest with a button at the bottom of the Ivi window. You cannot add items there yourself, but "gifts" from other players that were sent via the dragon shop end up there.
In addition, the ingots are credited there when they are exchanged.


The NPC "Warehouse Manager" grants you access to your warehouse.
With a "Warehouse Spy" (which you have in the Invi) you can access the warehouse from anywhere without this NPC.

All characters in the account can access the warehouse.
This allows you to transfer items between the individual characters.
The inventory, on the other hand, is char bound and only the char in question can access it.

gebundene Gegenstände

If an item is bound, you can only take it out of storage again with the char whose name is marked "bound to".

Inventar/Lager Erweiterung

To expand or unlock inventory space, you need additional bags.
You can get some in the Loong Exam, at the very beginning in the Dragon's Blessing, and one when you hand in the quests for the Wuhui Cave. Otherwise you can get some from treasure chests or buy them in the dragon market.
For the camp they are called additional camps, only the dragon market offers these.

Itemstapel teilen

Press the shift key and left-click on the item. A window opens in which you can enter the desired number of items. Now the item hangs on the mouse pointer. If you now click on a free inventory space, exactly the selected number of items will be placed on this space.



You can add players with whom you do a lot of things to your friends list.
You cannot add more than 100 friends to this list.
There are 4 pages where you can "sort" your friends a little. For example, you can assign all apprentices, twinks or guild members to a list.
The FL also has a block list.

Freunde hinzufügen

Open the FL with "F", then press the "Add" button and enter the name of the player and click "OK".
Right-click on the name of the player in the chat and click on "Add friend".
If you have the player in the target (in the middle at the top of the screen), you can open a menu by clicking on the small arrow, then click on "Friend".
Right-click on the character and click on "Friend" in the menu window that now opens.

Freund sind nicht sichtbar

Maybe he is offline at the moment.
You can set the FL in the bottom right-hand corner so that you can see "Offline friends". To do this, click on the point next to "Offline friends" - all offline friends will then be displayed.
If the friend you are looking for is still not visible, the player has probably deleted the char.

Freunde löschen

To delete friends, first select the name of the player in the FL and then click on "Delete" at the bottom.
Sometimes you have to relog in order to see the change in the FL. If the name is still displayed, check if it is your apprentice or mentor. Then you have to delete this player as apprentice/mentor first (takes 24 hours, the player may not be online then) before you can delete him from the FL.


The friendship status is an attribute that can be increased by gifts (flowers that give friendship points) and allows you to perform further emotions with your friend.

FMs are obtained through flowers sent to you by friends. There are Friend Flower (1 FM), Real Rose (3 FM), Hope Rose (5 FM), Dream Flower (5 FM) and Romance Rose (10 FM). These flowers can be bought in the Yi Ren Shop, dropped from mobs or obtained from treasure chests.

You can also use them to buy various things from the Yi Ren Shop. These include titles, love keepsakes, heart crystals and more.



Gruppen Menü

You can access the group menu by clicking on the small arrow next to your own HP bar.
If you are not the group leader, you only have the option to leave the group.
If you are the group leader, you can hand over the group leadership to another group member, remove someone from the group and set the loot distribution (shared loot or free loot).
Under "Accept" you can set whether you accept group applications or reject them in general.

Gruppe erstellen

Add a player from the chat: In the chat, right-click on the underlined name and then on "Invite".
Add a player near you: Right click on the player and then click "Invite".
Add via FL: Press "F" and right click to select a friend and select "Group".

Vorteile einer Gruppe

Grp members get a bonus if they are nearby. In addition, you can finish quests faster, because killing mobs together is easier/faster.
Due to the status value Leadership of the Grp leader, you also get more EXP.
If the Grp leader goes offline, the one who joined the Grp first gets the Grp leadership. Just keep an eye on the Grp-chat, as soon as a new Grp-leader is chosen, a message will appear there, also the Grp-leader has a flag on the Char-picture.
You always know where the Grp members are. If you move the mouse pointer over the char picture in the group, a small window shows you on which map your grp member is located. If you open the appropriate map, you can determine the position of your GRP member by means of the blue dot. The blue dot also shows a Grp member on the minimap at the top right of the screen.

Gruppe beitreten

Joining an existing group is basically the same as creating a group. The only difference is that you click on "Join" or "Apply" instead of "Invite".

Gruppe verlassen

Open the group menu and click on "Leave group".
Note: If you are currently in an instance, you will not only leave the group, but also the instance..



The chat has different categories, which are marked in colour. In the chat settings, you can decide for yourself what should be displayed for each category.

You can also switch off the chat, but private messages (whispers) always arrive.
If you have received a message, the "Mail" button flashes when you log in. Click on it, wait a moment and the PN should be displayed.
Attention: These offline PNs are only saved for a certain time and only the last one is displayed. This means that if you are absent for a longer period of time, you will no longer receive any information that you have been contacted.
After a re-log the chat is completely 'clean'.


The AlleChat has a white font, can be read by everyone in the vicinity and is also displayed as text next to the char in the game (like some mobs when their attention is drawn). In addition, coordinates are sometimes displayed in the AllChat, such as in the GQ when using the quest item.

The GroupChat has a blue font and is only readable by the Grp members.

The GuildChat has a purple font and is readable for all guild members.

The PrivateChat has a pink font and can only be read by yourself or the person you are writing with. You can open an extra window for this chat by clicking on the "Private" button at the bottom.

The ServerChat has a yellow font and can be read by everyone everywhere. It costs 500 silver to write something there and it has spam protection so you can only write something every 30 seconds.

The SystemChat has an orange font. Different messages appear here, e.g. when friends come online or go offline, or someone has completed the MQ, and much more.

The NoteChat has a light red font. Here you can see the damage you have caused yourself and the damage you have taken. In addition, you can read here what loot you have collected, including that of the Grp members (if you are in a Grp).

Smileys verwenden

To use smileys, you can either open the smiley window with the "x" key or click on the small smiley at the bottom right of the chat window. Click on the desired smiley to select it and press "Enter" to send the smiley to the selected chat. To use smiley faces in private chat, first write the name of the chat partner in the writing field, then press a space bar and then insert the smiley face - as always, press Enter to send.
If you know the character combinations, you can simply type them in and the chat will automatically change them when you send them.



If you have the player in the target (in the middle at the top of the screen) with whom you want to trade, you can open a menu via the small arrow, click on "Trade" there or right-click on the char and then on "Trade" in the menu window that now opens. The trade window then opens. Both players now place the desired items or gold in the trade window and then click on "OK". When both players have done this, they must confirm by clicking on "Trade".

You can get gold in the trade window by clicking on the coins at the bottom of the window and then entering the desired amount.
You do not necessarily have to place items in the trading window if you only want to trade gold.


You can open a shop in each town in which you can offer many things to other players for sale. To do this, first open your inventory, then click on Stand at the bottom and add the items you want to sell and enter the price. You can also give the stall an extra name by clicking on "Name" in the stall window. If you don't enter a name, the stall will be given a chat name - e.g. Susi's stall.

The stands also have a level, the higher the level of the stand, the better it looks.
To increase the level of the stand, you have to open the stand more often (or longer).

VIP Stand

You can open a VIP stand from anywhere, no matter in which city it is located and no matter where you are. The list of VIP stands can be found by clicking on the small button at the top right of the minimap, under the z-coordinate. In this window, you can view the stands and buy something from them, as well as rent a stand yourself (but remember that you can only open a stand in the city).

Pet Handel

There is a special trading window for pet trading.
Take the other player into the target and then click on the small arrow at the top. Select "Pet Trade", then the pet window opens. Select the pet to be traded, let it rest and then click on trade.
You can trade pet for pet or pet for gold. You can also enter an amount of gold in this pet trade window.
Attention: Bound pets, such as the riding pets, cannot be traded.



Luck increases the chances of success when decorating and engraving equipment.
Luck can be increased by various means up to a maximum of 200.

    besondere Ausrüstungsteile -- Monsterdrop
    Handwerkszauber -- Dragonshop
    Glücksbrei -- Sternekoch
    Herzkristall -- Yi Ren Shop for Freundschaftsmarken
    some Title
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