Level: 40-50; 50-60; 65-75

You need: Fatigue 0 and Grp 1er

Time available: 3 h

The training course is a map full of mobs in the level range of the pass. There are several areas where the mobs have small level differences. You level up quite quickly here, not least because there are also some quests within the training pass.

Here the probability of getting a revenge boss from the mobs is very high. In addition, there are crates in each training course in which you can find good items, including body shields 1 and 2, silk, gold ore, etc. These crates respawn every 12 months. These boxes respawn every 12 hours, the first always after server maintenance, and are always in the same place.

Of course there are also NPCs within the training passes where you can buy HP and MP pills if you run out or want to sell excess loot.

In the training passes you can use the skill Fire Whirl (can be bought at the grocer's shop). Unfortunately it cannot be used outside of the training passes. It is similar to "Fury of Thunder" and also uses a fire wind stone, except that the fire whirl has a greater range.

If you leave the training pass, you can't get back in! The training vouchers that you get inside cannot be handed in at the moment, as the NPC does not exist in the game at the moment. You get the 40 and the 65 pass as quest rewards, but unfortunately not the 50 pass.


40 - 50 -- Diyalu x2485 z1532
50 - 60 -- Zhulu x1602 z1507
65 - 75 -- Fengdu x2531 z 532
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