What is meant by skill?

Skilling refers to all the abilities that a character can learn.

Every character can learn tactics and two talents (for weapons).

In addition to these talents, there are many other skills that can be learned.

The skills are displayed in the skill bar and make it easier to use them.


The skill bar consists of two lines. Between these two lines you can see your EXP bar.

The top line is divided in the middle and you can move both sides back and forth (with the mouse) or hide them completely. You can either use the small arrows on the right side of the skill bar or press "ü" for the left side and "+" for the right side of the skill bar.

The lower one has 3 more hidden bars. You can zap through them with the little arrows on the left side of the skill bar, or you can use the keys 1-4 on the Num pad of the keyboard.

When you level up, plus signs appear on the right and left, indicating that you can still award status points or talent points.

You can put any skill or item in the skill bar. If you have something free in the lower bar and you learn a new skill, it is automatically added there. You can also drag them in with the mouse and rearrange them.

It is advisable to place the attack skills on line 1 and the skills you don't need all the time (e.g. those that give you a permanent buff) on one of the hidden lines.
You can also drag items such as ident scrolls or seals into the skill bar (it is recommended to use one of the hidden lines). This makes it easier to handle ident and seals, because you don't always have to switch back and forth between the pages in the invi, as you just have to press the corresponding button.

For skills that have a successor skill, you only need to put the first skill in the skill bar, because the successor skill is displayed separately when you can use it. This saves a lot of space in the first line.
Example: Bow players have the attack "Hole", after Hole you can use "Leaf Shot" and only if the mob has the Hole as a buff (i.e. the Hole has hit). If this is the case, the skill "Leaf Shot" is displayed and you can

you can execute it directly from this fade-in.
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