Equipment in general

Physical and Magic armor:

Physical Armor is for bodyguards, so for sword, sabre, bow and polearm players.

To put on the Physical Armor you need a certain base strength.

The Magic Armor is for mages, i.e. for healers, zither, yin and yang players.

To put on the Magic Armor you need a certain basic magic.
Level Base Strength/Magic
1 10
10 17
20 26
30 36
40 48
50 63
60 80
70 99
80 121
90 150
Instance Equip

The Armor instance can be obtained from bosses and minibosses in instances or as a reward for completing the respective instance quests. If you equip several pieces (except rings, pendants and necklace) of such an armor set, you often get an additional set bonus, as well as a special glow effect.



3er Bonus

4er Bonus

5er Bonus

Wuhui Höhle

alle lvl 1 Fähigkeiten +2

Möglichkeit auf HP+MP Regenerrartion wenn man getroffen wird

Waffenkampf +6






Xiawu Altar





Homemade Equip

There is also the possibility to make your own armour. For this you need the production skill Armoursmith or you can contact the NPC blacksmith.

To make armor you need different materials and a corresponding armor pattern. The patterns can also be made with the production skill Armour Smith. The higher the level of the armor, the more materials are needed.

Additionally, it is possible to produce the armour "Soul" from Lvl 30 and the armour "Holy"/"Divine" from Lvl 70. Special patterns and sometimes other materials are needed for this.
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