Gost Soul

The Ghost soul is a companion that you can also call up from time to time.
who supports you when fighting.
It attacks the opponent who is also being attacked by the player - which means:
If you use AOEs, the spirit does the same.

To get this soul you have to complete a short series of quests.

At Mao in DC (x2193 z2219) you accept this quest, he teleports you to the
into "the secret gorge".
To get out of there you have to complete the quest or use the flag.

The soul spirit in the secret gorge tests you a total of 4x.
Each time you have to kill a soul guardian.

at the 2nd test you get a book which summons the Ghost soul - with it it is easier to defeat the other soul guards.

Always turn off the ghost in between (by clicking on the buff under the character info).
At the end the soul spirit sends you back to Mao.
Hand in the quest and collect items for the Ghost , unfortunately these only have a duration of 7 days.

Now you have new symbols on both sides of your skill bar.

On the left, in red, is the charge indicator (when it is full - it burns like fire).
Left-click on this indicator to summon the spirit.
If the Ghost is summoned, the display decreases until it is empty, then the spirit disappears.
The display slowly but steadily fills up again when the Ghost is not summoned.

On the right, in blue, is a circle that opens the information window for the Ghost .

Under ghost
you can see its status values and give it items. So far, these items are only available once when you give the quest.
The status values increase with the lvl of the ghost.

Under Experience
you can give your ghost your EXP to make it stronger.
To do this, write the number of experience points in the free field and click OK - unlike with pet-lvling, the ghost does not cost a penny.
Attention: if you click on "All", you give the ghost all your EXP, which means you have zero % for a level-up yourself.

under equipment
it's probably about items or equipment that you can give to the ghost, but as these are not yet integrated into the game, we can't say anything about it yet

Since the space in the skill bar is getting scarce with time, throw out the skill of the ghost (Helping Soul), because you don't need it in the skill bar, as you can also call the ghost with a left click on the charging display of the ghost.

Ghost Soul Levelup

If you have fed your Ghost with EXP and it has reached level 100, you can
has reached level 100, you can give it a level-up.

To do this you have to be level 90 yourself and complete a series of quests.
which you can get from Mao in DC (x2193 z2219).
When you have completed all the quests you will receive from him
a Twilight Orb I from him.

Place this under the 'Experience' tab in the Ghost window (to the right of the skill bar).
(to the right of the skill bar, the "blue orb"). You also need
also Alter Feen Tau. If you want to have a 100% chance of success on
level increase, you need 30x Old Fairy Dew.
If you are brave and trust your luck, you can try it with less than
30 Fairy Tau, but keep in mind: if you fail, the spirit gets
spirit gets 10 lvl deducted. The twilight orb remains in the inventory,
but the Fairy Tau is gone.

Basically, the whole thing works like with the pets, except that here you have
instead of sour fruits you need twilight orbs. However, the
Twilight Orbs are only available through quests.

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