Wujian Hades

Level: 70

You need: Fatigue 25 and Grp 3er

Time available: 3 h

In this instance you have to complete the soul bead quest for the 70 clan weapon.

This instance is quite difficult, but with a well-rehearsed group and/or very good equipment it is quite unproblematic.

To make the final boss appear, you have to kill at least the Diblo and the Tuba Dan, otherwise the ruler Wuijan won't show up.

Here you get 70s of equipment, Tan Kugel and artefacts. The end boss sometimes even has purple artefacts and some special items.

Loot from the mobs can also be sold to the NPC without hesitation.

Additional bosses:

If you kill General Youliang (purple boss), you get the role of Nephys. If you use this, the additional boss Nephys appears in the Nymph Forest. Here you have the possibility to get Wings of Darkness.

If you kill Hauptmann (Nymph Boss) you get the role of Ereschkidal. If you use this, the additional boss Ereschkidal appears before the bridge to Diblo. Here you have the opportunity to get the Dagger of Mercy.
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