You can find out when the event starts in the launcher or the event list.
There you will find the relevant information and a short description.

When the event starts, Nuwa officers spawn throughout Diyalu and NPCs appear in front of the elemental dams.
The Nuwa officers are shown on the map as red dots.
Once you have defeated one of them, two Divine Fairy Messengers and one Divine Warrior Messenger appear.
You get the fairy pendants and event tokens from all of them.
If you bring the fairy pendants to the NPC standing in front of the element statues, you get EXP, an element candle, an event token and a portrait.
You have to light the candles in front of the statues (right click in the invi). For 15 lit candles you get a title.

There are 5 element statues in total - fire, metal, water, earth and wood, at each one you get a quest.
For this you have to collect the ashes of the candles.
You get the ashes automatically when you use the candles in front of the statues, the elements of statue and candle must be identical, otherwise the candles don't work.
You need 30x ashes for each quest (so 30 burned candles), each quest beckons with a piece of equipment (chest, leg, head, foot and arm).
You can choose between the "Fairy Set" (magic) or the "Veritas Set" (body).
Choose wisely, because you can only get the quest once. You can wear the equipment from lvl 50.

If you are lucky, you will meet the Nuwa in person.
She appears after defeating the officers instead of the messengers.

As the Nuwa themselves and also the messengers are quite strong, smaller players are advised to form a group or to ask a bigger player for help.


Feuer - Glücksberg - Brust
Wasser - Louyang Lager - Arm
Holz - Niyagara - Kopf
Erde - Island Außenposten - Fuß
Metall - Yiyang Lager - Hose

The equipment has an interesting set bonus (see Event Equipment)

You can only own one fairy pendant at a time (inventory and camp are both counted together)!
So always hand it in immediately. In addition, the pendants and the event tokens are always "free loot", i.e. someone who just runs past you could also pick them up.

Can be exchanged at the NPC "Pin Sell". You get sour fruit, jewel paper etc. for it.
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