Level: 50

You need: Fatigue 25 and Grp 3er

Time available: 3 h

Alone, this instance should not be a big problem.

The battlefield is virtually under the Litian Cave. The entrance, the battlefield teleporter, is near the ice cave (x1058 z984). Grp members must also enter via this itself, as you cannot call for help, otherwise the Grp members will end up in the Liti.

You don't get anything special in the battlefield, the only reason to enter this ini is for the quest.

Since the battlefield and the Liti are linked in a certain way, you can enter the Liti directly afterwards without using up fatigue again (works the other way round too).

The quest has to be handed in right away in the battlefield. Basically you can run past all the mobs up to the mountain. There you kill the boss and hand in the quest in the labyrinth at the foot of the mountain. Done!

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