Xiaowu Altar

Level: from 40

You need: Fatigue 25 and Grp 3er

Time available: 3 h

From the bosses you drop green and blue level 40 equipment and also artefacts. The monsters drop trefasteines and other loot (which you can sell to the NPC).

The final boss only appears if you have defeated all the other bosses beforehand. At the end there is an additional boss.

Tip: Be careful with the weapon crates and collect them at the beginning if possible, because the last ones contain traps that drain 80% of your max HP. You should also kill the elite guards immediately, because they have an AOE that drains 80% of your max HP.

Important: Make sure you complete the quest with the checkpoints before you log out, otherwise it will reset and you will have to do it again.

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