Important Items

Here is an overview of the most important items in the game.

for the Character

The life flowers are needed for reviving, you are revived at the place where you died.
With the perfect resurrection, 5 life flowers are used up and you immediately have full HP and MP again.
With "Revive here" you only need 1 life flower and you only get 25% of your HP and MP restored.
You don't need life flowers to revive yourself in the city!
You get the life flowers through the dragon blessing (online bonus) if you are online for 5 minutes. A new day always starts at exactly zero o'clock, so the dragon blessing also starts anew there. You can also get them in the first quests and the first Loong exams.
In addition, you get 5 of them in the Death Wave event when you do the quest, and the Celestial Merchant in KP offers them.

With the flag you can bind yourself to a Samsara stone in a city. If you die, you can revive yourself there without using up life flowers. In addition, you can always use the flag to port yourself directly to the city from anywhere (unless you have accepted a trade quest) without having to take long journeys.

The wine merchant always has enough of it in stock.
Rice wine makes the char run faster and jump higher/farther.

You get them in most instances when the boss is killed. You can use them to buy the glory skill and some other items from Sister Yu in Dragon Castle (x2164 z2293) or Emperor's Palace (x2092 z2724).

Almost all mobs drop zodiac legends. You can exchange them for EXP or gold once a day at the various zodiac messengers. In the KP you can also get pet souls from the "Zodiac Master".

Qi Pille
You need Qi for the meridian skills. To learn them you need Qi.
You can get some pills as quest rewards, from treasure chests, as rewards at the TW and in one or the other shop.

Beihai und Meridian Kristalle
You need both to learn the meridian skills. You can get Meridian crystals at the MQ. Beihai crystals can be dropped during the treasure hunt and occasionally at events or in the dragon market.

Quest Gutschein
Some quests can be completed using quest vouchers, i.e. without completing the actual task. You can drop these vouchers in some instances and in the Ice Cave, Demon Tower and Peach Blossom Land, if you have a Grp of 6, you can talk to the instance admiral at the end and pick up some vouchers.

Feuerwind Stein
You need this to use the skill Fury of Thunder. You can get some in quests up to the 50s. The carp from fishing often give some and the Himlian merchant in KP sells them.

Prevents you from losing a piece of equipment if you are defeated in a PvP fight with minus morale. It is given once in the low level area, otherwise it is available at the jungle trader and some other shops.

Needed for re-skilling, resets talents. Can be obtained 2x up to lvl 15 from quests, as an MQ reward and in some shops.

Needed for re-skilling, resets the status values. Can be obtained 2x up to lvl 15 from quests and in some shops.

Liebes Andenken
Needed to get married. Can be farmed in the mirror lake, bought at the Yi Ren shop and for potato coupons.

You get them when friends send you FM flowers. They are a form of payment at the Yi Ren Shop.

Heals injuries. You get them from some quests and you can make them with alchemy.

Enables the character to kill one mob after the other. You can get it from the fishes while fishing.

Münz Zauber
Mobs drop more coins with this spell. From time to time you can get similar items at events.

Mobs drop more loot and equipment with this spell. From time to time similar items can be found at events.

With this you can reduce your tiredness. A wake-up charm reduces fatigue by 50 points.

There are mystic and star hammers. You need both to open treasure chests.

Contain many useful things. You can get them from the Loong Exam and from the Treasure Hunt.

Replenish HP and MP at the same time. Drops all mobs and can be made with alchemy.

You need tokens to buy from Mo Di in the KP.
You can get them from the guild tasks.

Styling Gutschein
With this you can change your appearance. With this item in your luggage, go to the vissagist in Diyalu (x1003 y2105). You can get it from Sister Yu in Dragon Castle (x2164 z2293) or Imperial Palace (x2092 z2724) for only 50 wedding knots.


for the Pet

Accelerates the riding pet. There are a total of two quests where you get one as a gift. Otherwise there is only the dragon market.

Goldener Futtersack
With this, the pet does not consume any vita when collecting. At the very beginning you get a food sack as a gift. From time to time, similar items are available at events and you can buy food sacks in the dragon market.

Opens another place in the pet window and allows the character to own another pet. Only available in the dragon market.

Essenz Pulver
Restores the vita of the pets. Can be obtained from some quests, the Loong exam, the NPC "Pet Accessories" and can be produced with alchemy.


for the Equipment

Edler Aufwert Stein
You need these stones to convert best mats into rare ones.
You can get upgrading stones in some shops when you make treasure maps or very rarely with quest rewards. Sometimes you can also get them at events.

Alter Feen Tau
Needed to restore the potential of equipment.
Restores 80 potential, but if you fail, 100 potential is deducted (Old Fairy Dew can prevent this). Available from the Rong storekeeper and in some shops.

Potential Samen
Needed to restore the potential of equipment.
Restores 80 potential, but if you fail, 100 potential is deducted (Old Fairy Dew can prevent this). Available from the Rong storekeeper and in some shops.

Minimise the potential consumption for engraving and decorating. You can get them with a MQ reward, but also in some quests and you can buy them in some shops.

You get them when you dismantle equipment. They increase resistances when you put them into your equipment.

Strengthen attributes, can be upgraded and improved. You can get them from mobs, quests, from the NPC "Jeweller" and of course in the dragon market.

Needed to upgrade jewels - can be bought in the dragon market and is given as a reward in some quests.

With this you can remove jewels from your equipment - you can buy it in the dragon market and you get it as a reward in some quests.

Goldenes Garn
You need this to upgrade your Vita costume. You can drop it in the treasure cave and during the treasure hunt, or buy it in some event shops and the dragon market.

You need these to level up your artefact. At lvl 30 you get your first arti and a bag with trefas in phoenix. Otherwise you can drop them in some instances, especially in the ice cave, demon tower and peach blossom land.

Needed to drill slots in equipment so you can socket jewels. Can be made with the production skill "Arts and Crafts". You can also get them from quests and gifts from friends. The jeweller in Phoenix also sells them.


Teleport usw

Usually you can move with W, A, S, D. But you can also walk on the ground with a left click. Keeping the right mouse button pressed and moving the mouse turns the camera. With the mouse wheel you can zoom in and out.
If you are stuck somewhere, you can use the transport flag and teleport into the city. If that doesn't work, you may have accepted a trade quest (Zhuque), in which case you have to ask someone with Reitpet to give you a lift. This is how you get free again. Or you can hand in your Zhuque in the guild window (click on yourself and then on Dismiss at the bottom, this will cancel the trade quest and you can port).

There are several ways to use the autoway.
Open the map and click where you want to go (quite imprecise).
Open the map and click on the appropriate NPC in the list on the right.
Q-Surveillance - everything underlined is considered a car path.
Q-list - everything underlined is a Autoway

Attention: Car paths only work if you are on the right map!
Except when clicking on the map itself, the character moves through the portal and then stops.
At the bottom of the minimap is a "hand symbol", with which you can open a small window in which you can enter the x and y coordinates.

You can port in many different ways.
Attention: If you have accepted a trade quest (Zhuque - guild quest) you CANNOT port.

At lvl 5 you get one as a gift from Pan Gu. It takes you to the city. Before that you have to bind yourself to the Samsara Stone of the desired city. Every grocer's shop sells it for 1 silver, but you don't have to stock up on it as it doesn't deplete. The flag has a 5 minute cooldown.
Cost: none

Universum Stein
These stones are spread all over the map, so you can port between them.
Cost: the price is different on each map

Drachen Express
The Dragon Express transports you from town to town, or from map to map. Each destination has a different but constant price. This means that, for example, the cost to port to Zhulu is the same from each map, but a different price is charged to other maps.

To use teleport maps you have to save the location first, then it will take you exactly there from wherever. Up to lvl 45 you get two as quest rewards. The mobs in the death wave drop one every now and then.

The portals are passages from map to map, you just walk through them.
To get in and out of instances, you also have to go through portals, but you have to confirm this.

If you are in a group to enter an instance, it is enough if one of the group members goes through the portal into the instance. This player can then ask the group for help. Each member of the group is then shown the call for help. If this is confirmed with "Yes", the respective player is ported to the same instance. (The exception is the battlefield, where everyone has to go in themselves, otherwise they will be ported into the entrance of the Liti).



As soon as you attack an enemy you are in combat mode, as long as you are in this mode you can neither change your equipment nor your weapon manually. However, the character changes the weapon automatically if you use different attack skills, e.g. sword skill, bow skill, sword skill again. If you are not in combat mode, you can change the weapon with "E".

The combat mode ends automatically after 5 seconds if the mob is dead or has run away. If it happens that the character remains in combat mode long after a fight, then you either have another mob in the target or the so-called combat mode bug. This can usually be stopped by clicking on yourself and trying to execute a skill several times, or by clicking on yourself and then pressing ESC. If that doesn't help, just do a relog.

All weapons have durability, if it drops below 80% it affects the damage. Durability can be restored with whetstones. You can produce whetstones with the production skill Blacksmithing.


By means of the battle spell, the character fights independently against mobs. You get it for 1 or 8 hours. Note
Attention: The time of the raid spell runs as soon as it is in the inventory.

The raid spell has 6 attack kill slots and 2 slots for pills (HP and MP). Under Options you can set more details about the attack pattern.

The HP/MP pill supply is set in the same way as the pet. Then you can give more details about the use of the skills and how far the range should be. If you only click on "Stand Position", you stay on the spot and walk max. 1 to 3 steps, kill and go back to the starting point. If you only select "Auto Target", the character always walks to the next target. This means that at the end of the 1 or 8 hours, the character can be somewhere completely different than at the beginning. So pay attention to where you use the shaft spell. If you select both functions (auto target and standard position), the character only attacks mobs in the area and always runs back to the starting position.

The battle spell remains in the inventory during the runtime. By holding the mouse over it, you get information on how long the spell will last.
Of course, you can also interrupt / switch off the spell.
Attention! You do not have a buff on top when you cast a battle spell, so other players might think that you are bottet (i.e. that you are running a forbidden autoprogram).



PvP is the abbreviation for: Player versus Player and means "player against player" in German.

From level 30, you automatically become white when you leave a capital city. In white, you can be attacked at any time, but you can also attack other players yourself.
To do this, simply click on the crossed swords at the top left under your character picture and switch to the PVP mode "Duel", or use the appropriate key combination. Your name is now red and you can fight against other players.

There is also the possibility to change the modes by using a key combination. You can find out which mode this is and which others there are here.
What you should watch out for in PVP
If you kill other players you get minus morale. The white character name changes colour from -30 morale. From this point on, you can lose items if you are killed by other players. To prevent this, you need a beating safety device. If the character name is coloured purple, you will be sent to prison if you are killed.
- from -30 morale yellow
- orange
- from -1000 morale purple
Swords also appear next to the character name. As soon as you have 1 sword, you get "rage" every time you kill a player.
This buff runs for 30 min. and reduces the resistances = the more rage, the less resistances!

1 Schwert = 1-3 Wut
2 Schwerter = 4-7 Wut
3 Schwerter = 8-9 Wut


The prison is in Dragon Castle x2668 z2700. You are teleported to the prison if you are killed at -1000 morale.
You can only get out if you lower your morale to zero by doing the quests (there are 3 different ones) in the prison, which is quite quick.

In the prison it is not possible for players to use skills, except for Autohit. Other players can, however, attack from outside. Since it runs through the top when someone enters the prison, you are an easy victim.


PvE is the abbreviation for: Player versus Environment and means "player against environment", i.e. against computer-controlled opponents (mostly monsters). PVE is considered the "standard game principle". The content is primarily the development of one's own game character by solving tasks.



There is no lvl restriction to become a gardener. But in the beginning of the Lvl 30 range, there is an instruction quest for planting.

There are three types of seeds: Seeds of Wonder, Seeds of Wealth and Seeds of Rose. There is also Vital and Heavenly Water and Vital and Heavenly Fertilizer.

Seeds, water and fertiliser can be obtained in a variety of ways. Baihu (guild quest) and mobilisation (order quest) are probably the most efficient ways. Vital water and fertiliser can also be bought from NPCs.

You can only plant on Dragon Island in DC and at Pangu Village in Diyalu.

Here we go...

Right-click on the desired seed in the Invi to place the seed in the ground. Now you have to let the plant sprout by watering and fertilising it. You need five pieces of Vital Water and Vital Fertiliser per plant, and only one of Heaven's Water and Heaven's Fertiliser per plant.

The plants only allow you to use Vital Water and Vital Fertiliser every minute. They have a buff that tells you how long you have to wait to continue.

Other players can give "foreign" plants water and fertiliser, but only the owner himself can harvest them afterwards.

Harvesting gives EXP, curry, pepper, ysap etc. and yellow quality mats and equipment. You need Pferffer, Curry, ect for cooking, either with the production skill Alchemy or with the NPC Star cook.

With a bit of luck you can summon a plant spirit, Mother of Earth or the Goddess of Flowers. The plant spirit spawns nearby and drops seeds, water, fertiliser and simple mats. When the Mother of Earth or the Goddess of Flowers appears, a message runs through the top of the screen. They do not stand directly by the char who summoned them, but always at the south gate of Phoenix. Regardless of whether you planted on Dragon Island or in the village of Pangu. The mother and goddess drop many different things.


You need bait for fishing. The old fisherman in Talasin gives you a bait every day up to lvl 75, with which you can fish 60x.
In the low level range, Pan Gu in DC sends you fishing, and as a reward you get a bait with which you can fish 200x and a fishhook.
You can even catch fish with fishhooks, which then contain different things (right-click on fish to open them).
If you only have bait, you only get EXP. That's why it's good to stand for fishing when you have to AFK for a short while anyway.

You can go fishing if you talk to Jiang Ziya (x2214 z2132) in DC and ask to be ported to Talasin. There is an old fisherman by the river.


The Star Chef is in the Imperial Palace (x2025 z2730).

You can make a variety of buff food with him.
Name Purpose Ingredients piece per production
Hongfu Brei 5000 HP+MP Recovery 3x Curry, 1x Gemüse, 1x Bohnen 2
Wang Brei HP+MP +400 for 30min 3x Curry, 1x Mett, 1x Gemüse 2
Funling Kekse give 15% from HP+MP, alle 3sek for 12sek 3x Pfeffer, 1x Ysap, 1x Mett 2
Jinyu Klöße give 15 HP+MP, every 3 sek for 15min 3x Curry, 1x Mett, 1x Ysap 3
Tenghuan Klöße give derectly 2000 HP+MP 3x Curry, 2x Bohnen, 1x Nüsse 2
Tianbao Suppe Chance to get +3% Kritischer Treffer for 3h 1x Curry, 1x Bohnen, 1x Pfeffer 1
Laba Suppe Chance to get +6% Kritischer Treffer for 3h 1x Curry, 1x Gemüse, 1x Ysap 1
Xirui Suppe Chance to get +10% Kritischer Treffer for 3h 3x Curry, x1 Paprika, 1x Schrimps 1
Hemei Reislöße Chance to get a buff that increases your bleed, impact, shot and body resistance by 300, for 3h 1x Pfeffer, 1x Ysap, 1x Bohnen 1
Xingwang Reisklöße Chance to get a buff that increases your poison, spirit and magic resistance +300, for 3h 1x Pfeffer, 1x Bohnen, 1x Gemüse 1
Goldene Reisklöße Chance to get a buff that increases all your resistance +800, for 3h 3x Pfeffer, 1x Nüsse, 1x Blüte 1
Mehl Keks Waffenkampf +5 1x Pfeffer, 1x Ysap, 1x Bohne 1
Brocade Kekse Magiekampf +5 1x Pfeffer, 1x Ysap, 1x Mett 1
Auspic Kampf Magie- And Waffenkampf +20 3x Pfeffer, 1x Paprika, 1x Blüte 1
Yongfu Klöße 20.000 EXP for Lvl 1-50 1x Curry, 1x Gemüse, 1x Mett 1
Gaosheng Klöße 20.000 EXP for Lvl 50+ 1x Curry, 1x Gemüse, 1x Ysap 1
Shengshi Klöße give EXP (the higher the lvl the more EXP you get) 3x Curry, 1x Nüsse, 1x Schrimps 1
Longevity Reisklöße every 3 sek +5 Vitalität for 1 min, but Bew-geschw. -20% 3x Pfeffer, 1x Mett, 1x Paprika 3
Glücks Brei Glück +50 for 10 min 3x Curry, 2x Mett, 1x Blüte 3
Famous Kekse Führung +200 for 10 min 3x Pfeffer, 1x Bohne, 1x Curry 2
Denke Kekse Unverwundbarkeit for 12 sek, but every 3 sek -200 HP 3x Pfeffer, 2x Ysap, 1x Schrimps 3
Qingyun Reisklöße Reitgeschw +30% for 15 min 3x Pfeffer, 1x Mett, 1x Curry 5
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