Healers can also deal magic damage. This ability is best suited for group play because the healer can use useful healing spells as well as deal strong damage.

Well-practiced healers can not only heal the entire party at once, they are even able to revive members who have died. Their knowledge of poison makes them dangerous opponents.

-AOE without cooldown
-Heal at any time
-Buffs for themselves and Grp members

-Little Dmg (in contrast to other classes)
-difficult to play alone

Skill suggestion

The main healing skills are: Sweet Nectar (13) - a healing AOE, Heart Treatment (24), Healing Touch (25) and Fairy Wind (26) - heals the player or a Grp member. To revive a Grp member use Resurrection (7) or first Animal Soul (9) and then Slow Restoration (19).

For the attack, the following skills are recommended: Poisonous Powder (2), Poisonous Injury (5), Corpse Poison (17)- AOE without Cooldown Time, Spirit Wall (21) and Poisonous Skin (22).

With all the skills mentioned, the corresponding passive skills are just as important!

Skill explanation

No Name Description
A Basis Heilung Basic healing improves the status values of Qi and magic. Required for other healing talents.
1 Ätzendes Pulver Basic healing improves the status values of Qi and magic. Required for other healing talents.
2 Giftiges Pulver Poisons the enemy and inflicts 576 additional points of damage. Does not interrupt the effect of Corrosive Powder.
3 Heilung Instantly heals 950 HP on a teammate and 106 HP every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.
4 Geschick Increases instant HP recovery from healing by 157 HP.
5 Giftige Verletzung Injects a poisonous substance that reduces the opponent's Defence by 20 and Dodge by 16.
6 Gift der Geister In combination with Poisonous Injury, reduces the max. HP of the opponent by 100.
B Assistent Heilung Assistant Healing improves the stat values Qi and Magic. Required for other healing talents.
7 Auferstehung Revives a friendly player and restores 25% of their HP and MP.
8 Träge Kraft Requires Corrosive Powder. If an enemy is infected with Cauterisation, their speed is reduced by 35% for 10 seconds. Ends the Cauterisation status.
9 Tierseele Puts you into the Animal Soul status. Your max HP is increased by 220, your max MP is increased by 172 and your energy is increased by 15 points. Your magic and body damage is reduced by 284 points.
10 Starke Medizin Must be used while in Animal Soul status. Removes a negative status from an ally.
11 Keine Bedrohung Must be used while in Beast Soul status. Makes monsters within 10 metres pay less attention to you.
12 Magische Berührung Requires healing. A team partner immediately restores 190 HP. Rejuvenation status disappears after use.
13 Süßer Nektar Restores 1425 HP to a friendly player and any ally within 10 metres of them.
14 Frühlingsregen Reduces the cooldown time of Sweet Nectar by 3 seconds.
15 Mitleid Causes enemies to pity you, causing them to lose 50 MP for 15 seconds and you restore 10% of the MP drained every second.
16 Aderschnitt Injects a poison into the enemy's body, inflicting 691 points of damage after 18 seconds and causing 355 MP to disappear.
C Profi Heilung Assistent Heilung verbessert die Statutswerte Qi und Magie. Erforderlich für weitere Heilungstalente.
17 Leichengift Injects corpse poison, causing nearby enemies to lose 80 HP every 3 seconds for 18 seconds.
18 Todeswolke Boosts corpse poison damage by 33.
19 Langsame Wiederherstellung Must be used under the Beast Soul status. Revives a dead ally with 50% of HP and MP and has a 300 second cooldown.
20 Versteckter Tiger Must be used under the status Animal Soul. Inflicts a poisonous injury and paralyses the enemy for 4 seconds.
21 Geistmauer Increases Bleed, Impact, Shot and Normal resistances by 360 and Confusion resistance by 100. Also provides a chance to restore 176 MP after each attack against you.
22 Giftige Haut When attacking, there is a chance to inflict a poisonous infection on your opponent, causing them to lose 36 HP every 2 seconds for 21 seconds.
23 Gehässigkeit Requires Poison Infection (Poisonous Skin). Injects Strong Poison, paralysing the enemy for half a second and causing them to lose 50 HP per second for 5 seconds. Use ends the Poison Infection status.
24 Herzbehandlung Puts you into Heart Treatment status, increasing your energy by 380.
25 Heilende Berührung Can be used under Heart Treatment status to instantly restore 1900 HP to you or an ally.
26 Feenwind Requires Heart Treatment. Protects yourself or an ally and absorbs a portion of the damage received from each attack for 20 seconds.
D Medizinmann Medicine Man improves the status values of Qi and Magic. Required for other healing talents. (Lvl 80)
27 Teufelssekret Poisons the enemy with devil's secretion for 30 seconds and causes them to explode. Puts you in Dragon Horn Powder status.
28 Drachenhorn Pulver Poisons the enemy with Dragon Horn Powder for 30 seconds and causes them to explode. Puts you in Jumping Flames status.
29 Springende Flammen Poisons the enemy with Leaping Flames for 30 seconds and causes them to explode. Puts you in Flying Powder status.
30 Fliegendes Pulver Poisons the enemy with Flying Powder for 30 seconds, causing them to explode.
31 Sieben Schritte Deals poisonous damage, reducing the opponent's defence by 25 and causing them to lose 280 HP every 2 seconds.
32 Aufbrechen Boosts the effect of Seven Steps and increases HP loss by 5.
33 Doktors Geschenk Instantly restores 10% of your HP.
34 Kompetenz Boosts Doctor's Gift, reducing the skill's cooldown time by 2 seconds.
35 Pfingstrose Passive recovery increases by 405.
36 Stimulieren Consumes 100 vitality and heals 10 magic damage.
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