There are event tokens to be obtained at every event, and you have to collect them. They are exchanged for ingots at every server maintenance. You need these in turn to be able to shop in the dragon market.

There are 2 types of events.

1. Daily Events

At the daily events you may participate with a twink, if you only participate with the twink, i.e. the main character must not be present.

In these events there are special items that you need as payment for the event traders. Example: Event: Unfulfilled - Item: Portrait - Trader: Pin Sel

2. GM events or time-limited Eevents

(e.g. at Easter, Christmas, etc.)

Twinks are generally forbidden for GM events or time-limited events. Furthermore, these events are not listed here, because they are only active for a short time. You can always find explanations in the Discord!
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