The eight Clans

The world of Loong is divided among eight clans.
Each clan promotes certain combat talents.

In each city there are envoys, as well as a merchant and an equipment dealer for the clans.

To be able to buy something from the merchants, you have to hand in your clan items to the envoys. First you should increase your reputation, as it has a lvl limit. Once this has been reached, you can give all other clan items as a donation. In order to be able to buy something from the merchants, you need in-game money as well as donation points, which are deducted with every purchase.

The equipment dealer, as the name suggests, sells equipment. However, this equipment is not recommended because the instance equipment will always be better.

The merchant, on the other hand, is interesting for every player because you can get patterns to decorate from him and this NPC also sells the divine clan weapons.

Since the clan traders only ever have 3 of 6 patterns on offer, you should increase your reputation with several clans in the course of the game and increase your donations.

Clan and Talente
Nuwa -- Yin (Totem)
Gongong -- Zweihand (Klinge)
Fuxi -- Zither
Xuanyuan -- Einhand (Schwert)
Shennong -- Yang (Totem)
Yueshi -- Bogen
Sanmiao -- Heilung (Kralle)
Juili -- Stange
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