The raccoon is basically a daily event that takes place twice a day.

After the start of the server (maintenance), the cheeky raccoon always
appears in the same place (Zhulu, west of KP x1767 z2473).
(Zhulu, west of KP x1767 z2473 ), then every 12 hours.

First you have to kill the little one, then the father changes 5 minutes later and
again 5 minutes later then the mother.
Only the mother can possibly drop an Impes.

Mother and father spawn randomly in Diyalu and Zhulu.

Among other things, the Waschi family drops good Mats, which are "Free Loot".
To get an Impes, however, the Last-Hit at the mother counts, but not every mother drops an Impes!

Make sure that your inventory is not full.
The Impes is immediately char-bound and is placed in the inventory, so it does not fall on the floor!
If there is no room in the inventory, the Impes is gone and will not be given to another player.
In addition, the sentence runs through the top of the screen: The player .... has won an Impes, but unfortunately has no space in the inventory.

(Maps currently not available)

Here we have tried to capture the spawn points of father and mother pictorially.


x = Waschi usually spawns normally
y = Waschi often spawns hanging in the air
o = Spawn place of the little raccoon in Zhulu

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