Status points

Stature: increases HP and body protection

Strength: increases the body attack and body protection

Qi: increases MP and magic protection

Magic: increases magic damage and magic protection

Agility: increases dodging and protection from critical hits

Precision: increases the chance of hitting and the chance of critical hits

With every lvl up you get 2 status points, which you can distribute to your base attributes. Attention: Make sure that the base value for Strength or Magic is always high enough to be able to carry the next better equipment.

To distribute the points you open the status window with "C". In the middle above the char you can see your status values and distribute them. If you can't see the status values, they are hidden. You can adjust this in the bottom right corner of the status window.

After the distribution you have to confirm with OK, otherwise the selection will not be saved. With Cancel you can correct if you have made a mistake.

The status values can be improved with jewels (but do not increase the base value).

Change status points

Until lvl 15 you get 2 renewal balls, which you can use until lvl 30. With these renewal orbs you can reset the status points.

After lvl 30 you can exchange renewal orbs at the Jungle Merchant in KP (x2054 z2718) for 50 Hero Certificates. (You can get hero certificates from the "Law of the Jungle")
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