Level: 90-100

Takes place throughout Kunlun.

The duration is 1 hour, a group is not necessary.

First you have to capture rock salt and fire pods from the monsters (also in the instances) in Kunlun, the bosses in the instances and the revenge bosses drop the rare holy water.

When the event is running, fires of origin spawn all over the map, rock salt, fire pods and/or holy water have to be put into them.

If something has been put into the fire a total of 5 times, the fire disappears and an herb oven appears, which you have to attack and destroy.

After 100 destroyed herb ovens, the dragon fire appears in front of the Lingxiao Palace.

Each player can put something into the dragon fire 3 times and receive many experience points for it.

After 5 minutes, the dragon fire turns into the boss Hippocrates, who then leaves the Taiji Box behind after being successfully defeated by the players.

Scoring of the ingredients
Steinsalz - 1 Points
Feuerschoten - 2 Points
Weihwasser - 3 Points

This event has two special features.

1. there is a daily quest, which you should better accept beforehand, because you have to destroy a herb oven to complete it. You can get the required medicine recipe from the Taiji Box from the boss.

2. the herb ovens leave a Kleines Trinkgefäß, it has a shelf life of 24 hours and can be used every 30 minutes. It contains many great gifts.

Taiji Box

Event Tokens, Fuxi Medicine and Medicine Recipe (Quest Item)

This box has a limited shelf life and the cooldown time exceeds this shelf life. This means that you can only open one box after the event, because the opening of a second box is prevented by the cooldown time.

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