Under Settings you can adjust the graphics specifically to your needs.
But you can also make some settings for the game.
Of course, this includes sound settings. But you can also decide whether you want to allow general enquiries (trade, invitations, etc.) or not. And you can prevent anyone from looking at your equipment.
This works by clicking on the other character so that he is in the target (middle, upper edge of the screen) and then clicking on the arrow and then on "Fame".
You can also hide parts of the equipment, or the HP/MP bars, or your own name and title and much more.

Key Assignment

This standard key assignment can also be personalised without much effort.
Function Key Function Key
Player Information C Rank R
Title J Status window C
Inventory B Talents K
Quest Q Area Map N
World Map M Friends List F
Help H Pet P
Guild G Dragon Market V
Loong exam L Dragonblood skill I
Emotions - Chat X Privat Chat L-Contral +Z
Zoom out Mini Map NumPad- Zoom in Mini Map NumPad+
Peace L-Shift+A Duel L-Contral+A
Weapon change E HP bar above Home
Forward W Backward S
Walk left A Walk right D
Jump Space Change the target Tab
Collect Key before 1
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