Every armament item has a limited potential. The more potential the item has, the more often you can improve this item.

- ...jewels..,
- Decoration and engraving
- Seal

Below the potential value, there is a slot number, its height indicates how many potential seeds can be used on this object.

Each potential seed restores 80 potentials (160 for Perfect). However, if you fail, 100 potentials are subtracted if you do not use "Alter Feen Tau".

Potential seeds are obtained
- from the Rong storekeeper (for 400 store privileges)
- at the relic shrines for 125 guild contributions and 5 gold (however, your own guild must own a relic)
- exchange with sister Yu at Dragon Castle (x2164 z2293) or Imperial Palace (x2092 z2724) for 150 wedding knots
- Dragonshop and various Eventshops



There are lightning (precision), moon (magic), spirit (qi), air (skill), suns (strength) and blood (stature) jewels.

With these jewels you can support your basic strength, magic, precision, stature, qi or skill. There are also jewels that can be created through alchemy, which can then regenerate HP or MP. Other jewels you can get in the game increase magic damage or physical damage. Each jewel consumes potential when placed in the armor.

In the instances (Ice Cave, Demon's Tower, Peach Blossom Land) you can find Weak Jewels, but you can also get them by giving them to the quest. Jewel Essences will increase your stats for a while and give you a jewel fragment, which you can collect and exchange for a jewel at the NPCs "Ruo Je" and "Rou Xian" in the Imperial Palace.

The traditional jewels (lightning, moon, etc.) can be upgraded at the Master Blacksmith. (Weak jewels can also be upgraded in the Production Skill Crafting, you can get the stone chisel for this from the jeweller).

With traditional jewels (Lightning, Moon, etc.) you can reduce the potential, with the Master Blacksmith, and transform it into DAN and SEN. For this you need the patterns given by the NPC. However, you cannot transform Healing and Restoration jewels into SEN or DAN. Shaped jewels are usually always more efficient than unshaped jewels, as they use much less potential.

The +30 jewels in DAN and SEN can be transformed back into untreated jewels at no cost to the Master Blacksmith. They can then be further processed. Unfortunately, this does not work below +30!

Jewels - levels and values


Jewelry appreciation

Jewelry distance

.. with the NPC "Jewel Smith" There are two different ways to remove a jewel from the equipment.

Normal removal
Jewels are removed using matching jewel removal paper and some gold. But ATTENTION the item will be destroyed.

Perfect removal
Jewels are also removed here using matching jewellery removal paper and some gold. However, you will also need Old Fairy Dew to ensure that the item is NOT destroyed.

lvl 1 Juwel = 1x Alter Feentau
lvl 2 Juwel = 2x Alter Feentau
lvl 3 Juwel = 2x Alter Feentau
lvl 4 Juwel = 3x Alter Feentau
lvl 5 Juwel = 3x Alter Feentau
lvl 6 Juwel = 5x Alter Feentau
lvl 7 Juwel = 5x Alter Feentau




With sigils you can increase the resistance of your character.

You should reduce the potential of the sigils at the master smith, because they need a lot of potential. For this you need the journeyman patterns, professional patterns etc., you can get them at the mentor quest or in the event shop.

The seals themselves can be obtained by dismantling them. Using the seals can lead to failures. Here it is recommended to improve the seals to -3, because they do NOT fail!

Siegel  --  Widerstand
Jiuli -- Bluten
Yueshi -- Aufprall
Xuanyuan -- Schuss
Fuxi -- Magie
Gonggong -- Geist
Shennong -- Gift
Nuwa -- Magieangriff
Sanmiao -- Körperangriff

Equip demontieren

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