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Ohne Furcht und Tadel = Goldquest (GQ)



The so called Goldquest consists of 10 rounds of manhunt, which you can do daily from lvl 30. Every round you get a gold reward (hence the name). When you have successfully completed the 10 rounds, a scrolling text appears at the top of the screen, showing you the total amount of the reward.


Acceptance and delivery at: ...Jing Lei Chief, who can be found in almost every village.

Reward amount: The total amount increases every time you change the GQ area.


After acceptance you have a "secret letter from Zhue" in your inventory. This letter contains clues as to where the criminal is hiding. To read these clues, right click on the letter and in the AlleChat (white) you can read coordinates. At these coordinates, right-click the letter again to make the criminal appear. In total you can call 3x criminals, because it's also possible that the "boss" doesn't appear immediately, whose head you should bring to the quest giver. The "fake criminals" can be recognized by the fact that there are two of them and they are "only" called criminals, because the boss has a "real" name.



In a Grp the GQ is finished in no time. It doesn't matter which lvl the members have, as long as the lvl is 30 or higher. It's enough if one of the grp uses the letter, the criminal is done, the whole grp finishes the quest.



You can accept and hand in the GQ at every Jing Lei head, but you can only use the letter in your lvl area. The criminals then have the Lvl of the area where you call them. I.e. a 70 Char is facing stronger opponents than a 50 Char.



The criminals also drop Nolo water, sea wood, sunspot gold, salt and ice crystals. You need these for the GQ-Loot Quest (see below) - you can do it - but you don't have to, because you need a lot of space to store the stuff.




„GQ-Loot Quest


The Xuankun High Priest has the following quests in his repertoire (see table).


The required items drop the criminals at the GQ.


Info: You need a lot of space to collect or store these items.





Meeres Holz I   

100 Meeres Holz   

1 x Vital Dünger

Meeres Holz II

300 Meeres Holz

4 x Viatal Dünger

Meeres Holz III

500 Meeres Holz

1 x Himmels Dünger

Sonnenfleck Gold I

100 Sonnenfleck Gold

1 x Vital Wasser

Sonnenfleck Gold II

300 Sonnenfleck Gold

4 x Vital Wasser

Sonnenfleck Gold III

500 Sonnenfleck Gold

1 x Himmels Wasser

Nolo Wasser I

100 Nolo Wasser

3 x Samen des Wunders

Nolo Wasser II

300 Nolo Wasser

1 x Samen des Reichtums

Nolo Wasser III

500 Nolo Wasser

1 x Samen der Rose

Salz Kristall I

100 Salz Kristall

1 x Wertmarke

Salz Kristall II

300 Salz Kristall

4 x Wertmarke

Salz Kristall III

500 Salz Kristall

8 x Wertmarke

Eis Kristall I

100 Eis Kristall

4 x Freundes Blume

Eis Kristall II

300 Eis Kristall

5 x Echte Rose

Eis Kristall III

500 Eis Kristall

5 x Hoffnungs Rose








The „Rong Oberhaupt“ is in every smaller village where the other Xiayi Order NPCs are located.


The mobilization is a daily quest consisting of 10 rounds.


You need all available Mats in simple quality, always 4 per round.


For each delivery you get 2 camp permissions.


You can cancel this quest at any time, but you will only get an additional reward (which can be plant seeds, water or fertilizer) if you complete 10 rounds.







The „PuYu Oberhaupt“ is in every smaller village where the other Xiayi Order NPCs are located.


This quest is a daily quest, which consists of 10 rounds and costs a fee (but you get a lot of Exp)


After acceptance, you have „Hilfsgüter“  in your inventory. These contain references to where the disaster victims are hiding. To see this hint, right-click on the item and in the AllChat (white) you can read coordinates. At these coordinates, right-click the item again and three disaster victims will appear - which you have to address. Attention: Hurry up with the address, because the disaster victims will disappear after some time.



You can complete this quest in the Grp. The Lvl of the individual Grp members is not important. It's enough if one of the grp uses the item, but hurry up with the response, because the disaster victims will disappear after a short time.



You can accept and return the quest to any PuYu leader, but you can only use the item in your own lvl area.


You can cancel this quest at any time, but you will only get the additional reward (Brief vom „PuYu Oberhaupt“ ) after 10 successful rounds.




Besondere Medizin


The quest Special Medicine can be done once a day.



Brief vom „PuYu Oberhaupt“ . You can get this as a reward at the Quest Aid Organization.


You have to hand in the letter to the "Rong Chief" and choose between two rewards. - Training bag - 1x palliative pill and 1x grinding stone - craft bag - 1x Fit capsule







This quest is accepted by Xuankun Hohepriester, but only if you have also accepted the quest „Gerechtigkeit“.

The Xuankun can be found in every city from Phoenix on.


You need a Vital Pille.


The reward: Get six times the experience for completing one round of the Gerechtigkeitsquest. If the Xiayi Order quest is completed or cancelled, the buff ends.






Das Böse Besiegen


To be able to accept the quest at Qianyuan Hohepriester, you need a group of 3. You also need one Bösen Spiegel (Böser Kupfer-, Silber- oder Goldspiegel) from Rong Lagerverwalter per round.


Since the mirrors have a very long cool-down time of 15 minutes, it is recommended that the group members take turns.



Unlike GQ and Hilfsorgnisation the Lvl of the Grp members is not the same here. Since the kills of the mobs only count from your lvl area. Therefore a Grp with about the same Lvl.



Basically it does not matter which Spiegel you use. The mobs look the same, the difference is only in their strength and what they drop.


The Spiegel work more or less like the Brief bei GQ and the Hilfsgüter at Hilforganisation - click on them and get the coordinates. Use Spiegel on the coordinates and kill mobs, they drop an Bösen Teufelskristall.


After 10 rounds you get as a reward: Samen, Vital Dünger, Wasser und Seide oder Golderz.







This quest is accepted byXuankun Hohepriester, You can find him in every city from Phoenix on.


The can be accepted with the current level cap of 200x. Every 10th round you get a smaller reward and every 100th round a bigger reward. Tasks and rewards depend on the player Lvl. At 100, 200 and 300 completed rounds you get a title that increases your movement speed.



You should not cancel this quest, otherwise the round counter will start at 0 again.


Mainly you have to kill mobs, talk to Npc, give away armor pieces (which can be found at the Rong Rüstungskammer or in instances), give away Materials or Items from Krämerladen. From time to time you also need items like Alte Buchseiten, Himmlische Münzen, Siegel von Yama etc. (a more detailed list in the tables)





Dragon Castle  --  Vital Wasser und Vital Dünger

Diyalu --   Dringslut und Herzflamme sowie Vital Wasser und Vital Dünger

Zhulu  --  Klangwirbel und Aufzeichnungen

Tangu und Fengdu  --  Yama Perle, Kriegsflagge, Gesetzesrolle und Miao Königs Säbel

Wuyi  --  Gesetzesrolle und Kriegsflagge



Luxus Items from Krämerladen von Dragon Castle bis Wuyi





Skorpion Panzer   

Schwarze Jade Stück

Silber/Gold/Platin Hausschwert   




Feine Reitpeitsche

Wasserfester Hut   

Knochen Brosche


Fischer Karpfen

Rote/Blaue/Silberne Holztruhe   

Gestickter Beutel

Papier Tasche   



Rong Rüstungskammer


Zhulu (x2181 z2524) (or Litian Höhle, Eishöhle)





Eis Schwert   

Struktur Hut   

Silber Kette

Schlacht Klinge   

Struktur Robe   

Silber Anhänger


Struktur Hose   

Dunkle Kette

Blutdorn Bogen   

Struktur Armreifen   

Dunkler Anhänger

Geister Kralle   

Struktur Schuhe   

Mond Kette


Bestickter Umhang   

Mond Anhänger


Raub Helm   

Violetter Ring


Raub Rüstung   

Stachel Ring


Raub Hose   

Perlen Ring


Raub Armschienen   



Raub Stiefel   




Fengdu (x1067 z885) (or Litian Höhle,Dämonenturm)






Trolin Hut   

Skulptur Kette


Trolin Robe   

Catrin Kette

Yun Yan   

Trolin Hose   

Eis Kette

Geister Bogen   

Trolin Armreifen   

Silber Ring

Sturm Kralle   

Trolin Schuhe   

Dunkeler Ring


Dunkler Umhang   

Mond Ring


Kupfer Helm   

Silber Anhänger


Kupfer Hose   

Dunkeler Anhänger


Kupfer Rüstung   

Mond Anhänger


Kupfer Armschienen   



Kupfer Stiefel   




Wuyi (x2011 z1706) (or Hades)






Fraktus Hut   

Skulptur Kette


Fraktus Robe   

Catrin Kette


Fraktus Hose   

Eis Kette

Dunkler Bogen   

Fraktus Armreifen   

Skulptur Ring

Stein Kralle   

Fraktus Schuhe   

Catrin Ring


Violetter Umhang   

Eis Ring


Schlacht Helm   

Starker Skulptur Anhänger


Schlacht Rüstung   

Catrin Anhänger


Schlacht Hose   

Eis Anhänger


Schlacht Armschienen   



Schlacht Stiefel   




Wuyi (x2011 z1706) (or Teufelhalle und Pfirsichblütenland)






Blut Hut   

Feder Anhänger


Blut Robe   

Smaragd Anhänger

Phoenix Schwert   

Blut Hose   

Dichter Anhänger


Blut Armreifen   

Feder Kette

Drachen Kralle   

Blut Schuhe   

Smaragd Kette


Bürsten Helm   

Dichter Kette

Dornen Bogen   

Bürsten Rüstung   

Skulptur Ring


Bürsten Hose   

Catrin Ring


Bürsten Armschiene   

Eis Ring


Bürsten Stiefel   



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