You can find out when the event starts in your launcher or in the event list. There you will find the relevant information and a short description.

The aim of this event is to throw paint chips into a sacrificial bowl. The sacrificial bowls appear all over Diyalu at the beginning of the event. They respawn after some time if they have been destroyed. You can get the colour shards from all mobs in Diyalu. There are 5 different colours available, white, blue, yellow, green and red. They have different numbers of points, which are decisive for the sacrifice.

To participate in the event you need 5 colour shards, per sacrificial bowl. And you need at least a group of 2, because you can only throw one shard into the offering bowl at a time, so you need a partner to take turns with.

Once you have sacrificed the 5 colour shards, another sacrificial bowl appears, which differ in colour (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or white bowl). You have to attack and destroy these. Afterwards, a colour devil or a colour demon may appear. It depends on which shards you have used and their point value.
If the mob is dead or the bowl destroyed, you get rewards, e.g. jewel paper 1 and 2.

The five-colour powder increases all status values by 15, but lowers all seven resistances by 1000 points.
The five-colour pill can be consumed directly without casting time and gives 2,500 EXP.
You need four of the portrait parts to exchange them for a portrait. (Compared to the active participation in the event "Unfulfilled" this is very inefficient).
The colour demon always drops 2x jewel paper 1, which can be used to upgrade lvl 1 jewels to lvl 2 jewels at the master smith.
The colour devil also drops 2x jewel paper 1 and possibly also 2x jewel paper 2, which can be used to upgrade lvl 2 jewels to lvl 3 jewels.

By choosing which colour shards to use, you can determine whether a colour devil or colour demon appears. "Liu An" in Phoenix explains the point values of each shard. Only the point value is decisive, not the order in which they were thrown in.

Whites have 5 points, blues 4, yellows 3, greens 2 and reds 1 point.

Points 5-8 = red bowl, 9-12 = orange, 13-15 yellow, 15-18 green, 19-21 blue, 22-24 purple and at 25 points a white.

So calculating is the order of the day... and a bit of strategy as well.

With a yellow bowl a colour demon appears afterwards and with a white bowl a colour devil.

Since you need 25 points for the colour demon, only the white shards can be used, so you should leave the white ones in the camp when you are after the colour demon.

So you have to control which shards are used. The best way to do this is to have only the shards you want to use in your inventory. It is best to agree in the group who uses which shards.

Unfortunately, there are two sacrificial bowls that you should refrain from using, as they will otherwise bend.
x885 z1194, the wooden pillar makes the mob unattackable.
x1775 z 1680, paint bowl spawns in the hill and makes it unattackable

Note on the parts of a portrait

You can make a complete portrait from the parts of a portrait at the NPC "Wang Naier".
He asks for 4 parts each for a complete portrait.
These can then be exchanged at "Pin Sell".
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