Pets can pick up Loot, supply the player with Hp and MP pills, and they increase the character's status values.


Pets can also learn many helpful skills and wear/use various items. More about this at Petskills.






In the event token shop you can buy various pets, the offer changes from time to time.


They are holy, immortal and therefore permanent.


Loyalität: 1500

Vitalität: 9999

Potential: 15000

Costs: 999 Ingots



At many events you have the chance to embrace or win a Holy Pet.

Potential, loyalty and vita are equal to the Shop-Pets.

The Impes (the racoon) is an exception here, because you have the chance to get one twice a day. More about this under "Events - Racoon".

In the game you can find different animal souls. E.g. at the MQ, World- and Rachebossdrop or also in the Treasure Cave.

The animal souls have different Lvl and quality levels, here the higher the Lvl and/or the better the quality of the soul the better the Pet.

Animal souls can be upgraded at the NPC "Animal Soul Upgrade Xie's Wife" (in Phoenix x894 z2168) until they reach the level Holy.

Animal Soul pets will always be "inferior" to shop pets in terms of potential
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