Fengdu Ghost Festival

Level 65-90

Takes place throughout Fengdu.

The duration is 1 hour, a group is not necessary.

First you have to exchange some of your gold for hell paper at Rong Warehouse Keeper. You then have to burn this hell paper in the fire bowls that spawn in Fengdu. After three burnt Hell Paper, three Fengdu Gui spawn, each monster has at least one Event Token and a Seal of Yama in it. Every 5 minutes, 18 fire bowls spawn at different coordinates.

If a total of 200 of these Fengdu Gui are killed, the Guǐ lǎobǎn appears in front of Wujian Hades. This spirit then leaves Fengdu Spirit Boxing when defeated, however it has a buff that makes it unattackable for 5 minutes.

Fengdu Geist Box


25 event tokens, 10 yama seals and a surprise.


This box has a limited shelf life and the cooldown time exceeds this shelf life. This means that you can only open one box after the event, as the opening of a second box is prevented by the cooldown time.
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