Devil Slaughter

- from Lvl 40
- Group of at least 3 players

As soon as the event starts, a message appears in the middle of the screen, if you click on no - nothing else happens, if you click on yes you will be ported to Raksasa (but this only works for a few minutes after the message appears).
This NPC only appears during the event.
Attention: this message also appears in the instances and is often located in such a way that you actually want to confirm something else, such as a trade. So watch out!

You have to talk to Raksasa and first accept the quest, then talk to her again and get teleported into the death wave.

You have one hour to participate in the event and be teleported into it.
Once inside, you have 30 minutes to defeat all 10 monster waves.
Even if you enter the wave of death 5 minutes before the end of the event, you still have 30 minutes.
After the time has expired, you are automatically teleported to KP. If you finish earlier, you can either use the flag or approach the universe stone.

As soon as you have entered the death cave, you will see a "cursed sky ball".
You have to address it to make the mobs appear.

After 10 successful rounds, the Sura King appears instead of the "cursed sky ball" - he awards the rewards.
You receive life flowers, Qi pills, 5 event tokens and of course a lot of EXP.
The amount of EXP depends on the player's lvl.

Every now and then, a Red Sky Sphere appears after defeating a wave. If you attack it, all players get a crit buff.

The lvl of the mobs is equal to the lvl range of the player who calls the wave. EXP is only given to players whose own lvl is plus / minus 10 lvl of the mobs.

If you don't give up the quest after 10 monster waves and teleport out, you can enter the cave again and call 10 waves. To do this, however, you have to redo the grp. This is a good way to level up, especially for smaller characters. But beware: Within the one hour event time, you can only enter the cave 8 times.

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