Guild Tasks


Completing the guild tasks increases goods, material, stability and maintenance,

These four values are needed for the guild expansion, for the expansion and learning of the guild skills and for starting the guild buffs.

Leaders and vice-leaders have the advantage of being able to do all guild quests.




Guild calendar


All members can take the guild calendar once a day.

The aim of this task is to kill 30 monsters, whereby the player level decides which monsters the task contains.

If you don't like the task you have accepted, simply give up and accept it again until you find the right one.






Baihu is responsible for stability and maintenance.

This task is only acceptable at lvl 30.


The task consists of defeating monsters or addressing NPCs.

Here it is an advantage to know which monsters can be found where on which map.

With the NPCs the autoway helps, if it doesn't work - you can find out in the quest text on which map they are.


You can do the Baihu quest 20 rounds per day, at rounds 5,8,10,15,18 and 20 you get 1 token each - so 6 tokens in total.

If you complete 10 rounds, you also get: seeds and water or fertiliser to plant.


Stability and maintenance is responsible for the speed of research of the guild skills.






In Zhuque (also called trade quest) the task is to procure goods.

This guild quest is acceptable from lvl 20, 20 rounds per day.


The goods are needed for many things in the guild and are therefore consumed most quickly.


To accept the quest you have to pay some gold (lvl dependent), if you fulfill the quest you get 75% of the trade fee back and also some EXP and a Wertmarke.



The task is to buy goods cheaply from the guild trader or black marketeer and sell them in another town for as much profit as possible until you have the required amount.

The traders change their prices every 10 minutes.

The most profitable route is DC - Phoenix.


During the quest you are not able to teleport.


You can abandon the quest at any time with the guild administrator, the goods received are credited to the guild.


Zhuque is very time-consuming, but indispensable for the expansion of the guild itself and the guild skills, and learning the skills is only possible if enough goods are available.






The Qinglong are responsible for the material, but is only possible with lvl 30.


For this you have to collect loot, about every 10 lvl you need something else. Mostly 7-14 different loots and simple mats = iron ore, crystal, silver ore, jade, leather, cloth, wool, linen, spring water, meat and grasses (Chunxin- Xiaku- autumn and winter grass) AND later also gold ore, silk.


The advantage is that you can collect the loot in advance and store it in the guild warehouse. In addition, all guild members can help with farming and take turns.


You get a token for each round 5,8,10,15,18 and 20.


You can do 20 rounds a day. But if you stop in between, the round counter starts again at 1, but the total number of rounds of 20 cannot be exceeded!


Lagerschlüssel oder Diebesmemorandum


Here you get an item in your inventory - the thief memorandum - it shows you coordinates where you have to use this item (right click) so that the thief appears. You have to kill the thief so that you can hand in the quest.





Dragon Castle

x2410 z2290


x559 z2062


x2154 z3110


x974 z1129


x2198 z1633


x2392 z1916



needed Loot


The quest helps to find the right mobs that drop the needed loot.


Level 30 bis 40

Level 40 bis 50

Level 50 bis 60

Level 60 bis 70

Weißer Krug



Eisen Container

Flauschiges Fell

Dickes Fell

Glasierter Krug


Gebrochene Keramik

Borstiges Fell

Messing Ring

Gift Seele

Großes Warpstück

Düstere Seele

Feuer Kugel



Dunkle Seele

Gestreiftes Fell

Magie Tierfell

Kleine Seele

Grüner Krug


Schöner Panzer



Jade Ring

Alter Schmuck

Grobes Fell

Stein Ring

Scheckiges Tierfell

Jade Perle


Terrakotta Krug



Phantom Seele




Defekter Krug



Akurrate Perle









Feines Fell





Level 70 bis 80

Level 80 bis 90

Level 91 bis 93

Jade Ohrringe


Dreckige Teufelsseele

Beschädigtes Tierfell

Grüner Jade Ohrring

Jade Armring

Großes Tierfell

Weiße Jade Container

Defekter Container

Magie Panzer



Gefangene Seele

Weißes Tierfell

Löchriges Tierfell

Grüne Jade Container

Höllen Seele


Jade Stein Container

Helles Tierfell

Grüne Halskette

1000-Jahr Teufelseele

Dreckige Teufelsseele

Alter Beälter



Schwarze Figur






The actual task of the Xuanwu is to expand the guild.


Xuanwu can get their dues when they expand the guild.


(In the current version of the game, members of the Xuanwu are "unemployed" because any guild member can do this task. But the leader and the general can invite new members).

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