For most bugs, it helps to reblog.
Here you will find some bugs and their remedies:

Transportflagge funktioniert nicht

1.first you should be sure that you have not accepted a Zhuque (trade quest). You can see this at the top next to the HP/MP bar. If it says "trade" in orange under the pet picture, then a trade quest has been started.
2. if you have not accepted a Zhuque, you should re-log in.
3.if point 1+2 did not help, you should throw away the flag and buy a new one at the grocer's shop, costs only 1 silver.


With some riding sets you can quickly get stuck somewhere.
1. the transport flag is the first tip.
2. if you don't have one in your inventory or if you make Zhuque, you can try to get out yourself, or ask someone with a "two-seater" mount if they can help (they only have to take the stuck char with them). This helps in 99.9% of the cases.
3. become a member of Zhuque and your trade will be cancelled.
4.If it doesn't work only the GM helps.


After you have been in battle, it often happens that you stay in battle mode.
1. most of the time the fight mode ends by itself, if you click yourself and try several times to execute a skill.
2 Or you click on yourself and then press ESC.
3.If that doesn't help, just do a relog.

Schatzkarte Fengdu

In Fengdu there is a treasure map coordinate that is incorrect.

Displayed coordinates: x2078 z2177
Correct coordinates: x2090 z2176
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