Relic Battle

The relic battle takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

To participate in a fight, you must be in a guild. The guild leader can bid on a relic on the days of combat from 16:30-19:30. The battle then begins at 8pm and lasts half an hour

Place a bid


Only the guild leader can bid on one of the relics, Jiuli in Wuyi and Sanmiao in Fengdu. The guild with the highest bid then competes against the owner guild of the relic. Bidding is done with the guild goods (Zhuque). The highest possible bid is 9,999,999 goods. You can bid in the guild menu under Relic Battle.



Before the Battle Phase, all guild members who wish to participate gather at the location of the offered relic. When the Relic Battle begins, one must try to take possession of the columns and defend them. Every 30 seconds you will receive points for each column you own. The guild that has the most points at the end of the relic battle will own the relic until the next battle.


The guild that won can buy its relic items at the shrine until the next battle. Payment is made with gold and guild contributions. In addition, each player who participated in the relic battle will receive relic points. When a relic is conquered, the winning guild receives a special blessing that gives members more loot and gold when they kill monsters.

Relic points

At the end of the Relic Battle, each guild member present receives a certain number of Relic Points. The number of points is made up of the time of presence and the kills of opponents, the column points do not count here. The relic points can be exchanged for wind dragon tokens and/or 1x daily experience at the relic hunter in the Imperial Palace (x2173 z2652).

You need the wind dragon tokens to learn the dragon skills. (Attention, learning the Dragonskills is expensive).


Twinks may only participate in the GK if the Main stays away from it.

Bidding with a twin guild is allowed with 1 bid if no other guild bids. Twinkgilds are not allowed to outbid "real" guilds and are also not allowed to participate in the GK.
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