Marrying another player is really only to take away the partner's fatigue with the help of the glory skill.

There are basically no duties.

Getting married in Kaiserpalast x2045 z2426

Wedding materials:

In addition to the following materials, you need the friendship rank of 770, which corresponds to a moon symbol in the friendship list.
both partners ever need:
50 Gold
1x edles Golderz
1x edle Seide
2x Liebesandenken
1x Seidenstoff
1x Magnet
2x kl Blutjuwel (für Mann) / kl Geistjuwel (für Frau)
2x Liebesband (für Frau) / Hochzeitsband (für Mann)

Liebes Andenken you get either in the Yi Ren Shop for 500 Freundmarken or you go to the Spiegelsee and complete the quests there.

Liebesband / Hochzeitsband can be bought at the grocery store in the Imperial Palace for 25 gold each. You can only have one love band or wedding band in your inventory.

Seidenstoff can be made with the production skill „Veredeln“.

If everything is available, you have to contact the NPCs Yuanyuan and Ke Dawei first to have a wedding ring and a wedding costume made from all the stuff. The costume is in a box, which you don't necessarily have to open to get married. If you open it, you get a costume that only lasts three days.

Equipped with wedding ring and costume you go to the registrar in the imperial palace (x2045 z2426) to register. Both partners have to be present, but only one has to address the registrar and pay a fee of 66 gold. The other partner must then only accept the marriage request.
If you are married, you can get some more titles by continuing to collect friendship points. There are also titles for repeated marriages and divorces, where each person has to decide for himself whether these titles are worth the mats.


The NPC Rash (x773 z 2078) will teleport you to Spiegelsee. Here you have the opportunity to get love souvenirs, which you need to get married.

You have to form a group of 2, consisting of one female and one male char. Attention: there must not be another one in this group.

Both chars pick up an item from the NPC at the entrance. The female gets the coordinates (in AlleChat - white) when she uses her item. At this point the man calls the mob with his item. With a little luck the mobs drop their souvenirs of love. The followers who drop the mobs will increase your friendship points when you send them.

The items can be used 20 times and have a pretty long cool down time, so you have to allow for some time.

Tip: Set it to „Freiloot“ and ONLY one person collects until he has two souvenirs, then you can swap with collect. Because the souvenirs are immediately char-bound and it would be a pity about the time, if one suddenly has 3 souvenirs and the other has none at all - or something like that.
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