Talkurs Revenge

Talkur always appears on Wednesdays and Sundays at 7 pm on Oferberg in Fengdu.

Monsters spawn in eleven waves that have to be killed.

A small talc appears in wave six. In wave eleven you will have to deal with Talkur himself. He has four service marks that protect and heal him.

That's why you should pull the servants away in four different directions and kill them first. Once the four servants are dead, all players can take care of Talkur.

The slaves drop the coveted reward boxes.

Talkur Box


50 event tokens, 6 Behai crystals, 2 jewel fragments, 5 Tianbao soups and 6 air dragon tokens.


This box has a limited shelf life and the cooldown time exceeds this shelf life. This means that you can only open one box after the event, as the opening of a second box is prevented by the cooldown time.

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