Level: 85

You need: Fatigue 25 and Grp 3er

Time available: 3 h

Here too there is a soul bead quest for the 80 clan weapon.

The instance has 3 levels, which become more and more difficult. Each level has a final boss. On level 3, Larboss awaits you, he drops ora items and purple artis.

On level 1 there is an additional boss, this appears when you use the Devil's Key at the Devil's Bowl and give 2 Carefree Wine (you get from the mobs before the Ini) to the NPC. Then you have to kill all the mobs on the small floating platforms. Or you do the soul pearl quest, then you only need to kill 1 monster on the floating platforms. The additional boss also drops ora items.

Drop the smaller bosses and mobs: artefact, tan orbs lvl 5, weak jewels, silk, leather, magnet and quartz pieces. It is said that the War Lizard is kept as a pet by the ruler in the Devil's Hall. With a bit of luck, you can get one of them.

Special features

- Parastones and Parajade are needed for engraving and decorating from level 21.

- Yellow level, with this you can make a pillar appear at the entrance, which portets you to the beginning of the 3 level (all grp members can use it). Unfortunately you only get this "key" once in the quest "Wolf Bone" - Lvl 81 (also available for  Feenfedern from Händler)..

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