Quests (Abbreviation: Q)

You can get quests from NPCs who have an exclamation mark above their heads.
You can see the quests you have accepted in the Q-monitoring and in the Q-list.

Quests often have an autoway, in which case the relevant NPCs, mobs or items are underlined in the Q-list and Q-watch. If there is no autoway, you will find a hint in the Q-list that there is none for this quest. Sometimes there is only an autoway in the Q-list.

Quest list

The key "Q" opens the Q-list. All Qs are listed there by quest area and you can read their description. You can also see the available quests. On the left of the Q-list there should be an extra window with a list. You can see from this list what kind of Q it is, the NPC who gives it to you and the current distance (number in brackets) to this NPC.

Quest monitoring

The Q-monitor is a small display with a transparent background that shows you the current progress of the accepted Qs. You can switch the monitoring on and off in the Q-list or next to the minimap.

Quest types

There are different types of quests, which are marked with a certain abbreviation and colour.

The guild quests are also marked as TA in the monitoring, but are listed under guild in the quest list.

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