Level: 60

You need: Fatigue 10 and Grp 3er

Time available: 3 h

Alone, this instance should not be a big problem.

In this instance you also have to complete a clan weapon quest for the 70 clan weapon.

The end boss drops fire seals, which you need to make the 70 clan weapon. The other mobs drop trefa stones, simple jewels, silk, leather, magnet and quartz pieces. All other loot can simply be sold.

The lava drains100 HP per second, but can be used as a shortcut. Also, the mobs don't follow in there and you can outrun them. The monsters reduce your resistances. However, there are 4 stones that normalise your resistances again - for 15 minutes each.

If you mainly need the fire seals, just stack 5 rice wine and run through, hit the boss and get out. And then repeat the whole thing until either the fatigue is used up or you have enough fire seals together.

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