Litian Höhle

Level 45

Time available: 3 h

You need: Fatigue 25 and Grp 3er

This instance is divided into two parts, the front one is the Liti A and the back one is Liti B.

However, it only consumes 25 fatigue once. And here, too, you need a group of 3.

Litian A (lvl 49)

Here you have to kill a certain number of mobs so that the bosses appear. You drop equipment for level 50 and tan orbs level 1 and 2, as well as clan items and artefacts.

Litian B (lvl 54)

Here you have to kill the bosses one after the other so that the final boss appears. This actually consists of two bosses appearing one after the other. You can drop equipment for level 60 and the level 3 tan orbs here. You also get clan items and artefacts.

And you have to complete the soul bead quest for the level 60 clan weapon.

This instance is ideal for farming mats.

If you need mats to improve your equipment or to make better equipment, you will probably spend a lot of time here.
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