Level: 40

You need: Fatigue 20 and Grp 3er

Time available: 30 min

To enter this instance, you need a Dragon Treasure Card. You can get it by handing over the four parts of the Legendary Dragon Treasure to Yang Yun Sang (Kaierpalast x2113 z2581). You can get these four parts of the Dragon Treasure by completing the four daily quests that go with them.

You can use the dragon treasure map everywhere, after using it the old treasure guard appears. He grants you access to the treasure cave.

The level of the biggest player in the group determines the level of the mobs. So if 1x 40 player, 1x 60 player and 1x 80 player want to enter together, the monster levels are adjusted to the 80 player.

Once you are in the treasure cave, you can choose between 8 treasure hunters. You can only call one wave at a time. As soon as the boss has been killed, you can call the next treasure hunter. Attention! As soon as you have killed the monster wave, treasure chests appear at the edge, don't forget to open them! 6 monsters and 1 boss appear per wave.

Various souls drop in the SH, which you need to make special jewellery.

The Old Treasure Guard disappears immediately after you enter the cave. This means that if someone wants to enter the cave later, they have to use a Dragon Treasure card themselves.

It is advisable to always kill the boss first and all the mobs at the end. This works if you have a twink with you who stays in front of the NPCs and calls the waves. Basically, it doesn't matter in which order you approach the treasure hunters or how many rounds you manage. Since there is no real end boss and no special rewards.


To make the jewellery you have to go to the NPC Star Messenger (Zhulu x2039 z2408).

The NPC will tell you what you need for the jewellery. You always have to start with the 40 jewellery and always need the predecessor as the material to be used. I.e. for the 50 you need the 40 as mats, for the 60 the 50... and so on. So don't throw away the green or blue jewellery right away - even if an Ora part as Mats gives more chance of purple than a green or blue one. If one part becomes purple, then the next one will also become purple (so if the 60 pendant is purple and you want to build the 70, then the 70 will also become purple).

The pendants and chains have a very interesting bonus if the set has the same quality (colour).
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